7 Strange Fears I Have

Hi everyone! I had a light-bulb moment last week which resulted in an interesting post idea. I am always talking about what I love but what about my fears and things I’m afraid of? There is a misunderstanding that sharing what scares us makes us weak and more vulnerable. Personally, I try not to dwell on these fears and try to focus on what I can do to overcome them, no matter how small. So, here I am opening myself up to you yet again. Enjoy!

1. Driving

So many people mention to me how independent you are if you can drive and you’ve got your own vehicle. It is definitely something I agree with and I am slowly working my way towards having my own car. Driving is enjoyable for a lot of people but ever since I became a teenager it has filled me with anxiety and dread. It actually terrifies me to think of myself in the driving seat, not because I’m scared of having an accident or getting injured but because I’m the one responsible for controlling that vehicle and I worry I won’t have enough practice or knowledge in certain situations. I’m sure once I familiarise myself with how a car works and what everything does the feelings of angst will improve. I need to get some hands on experience and stop putting it off. Another reason driving scares me is because everyone else seems to find it so easy and I’m worried I won’t. I’m torn between throwing myself in at the deep end (so to speak) and taking it at my own pace.

2. Public Speaking

Surely I’m not the only one who hated speeches and presentations at school. The thought of standing up in front of classmates or a group of people was one of my least favourite parts of school. In my last year at school we had to give a presentation which was to be video recorded as well, doubly scary! I was lucky on the day I did mine that the camera was broken and most students weren’t in class that day. I ended up getting ‘Merit’ – the second highest mark after ‘Excellence’. What made speeches worse is the fact you know the audience listening to them and you worry they will make fun or judge you if you mess up. We’re more afraid to be judged by those we know than strangers. This relates to singing for me as well, I’m more scared to sing in front of friends and family than I would be a group of strangers. Working in retail for the past two years has helped me feel more confident and comfortable speaking to other people as it’s an important part of my job.

3. Nakedness

Now before you go getting the impression I’m a total prude let me explain. I’m not afraid of other people being naked or naked bodies but the lack of confidence with the way I look. When I have clothes on I can kind of cover up and choose what I want to show off, if anything. I don’t always feel comfortable showing off skin, wearing a low cut top or a short skirt. I kind of like having a bit of mystery and not showing everyone what’s underneath. Compliments about my body will always be accepted with a thank you and they do help reassure me. Lester says a line in the film American Beauty which goes, “I want to look good naked!” I am more relaxed about the way my body looks than I used to be but I think we all have a bit of Lester in us! This fear is probably my most personal. Nakedness signifies intimacy which only a select few get to see. Bodies are beautiful. Being touched feels pleasurable. You shouldn’t feel ashamed.

4. Talking On the Telephone

Some people love long phone calls and can’t go a day without talking to each other. I feel the same about my boyfriend but we always message each other instead. I have called his phone once and the signal was crap so I ended up texting anyway. I don’t mind talking on the phone if it’s a planned call or it’s a family member but unexpected calls make me nervous. When I started at the pharmacy I was scared to answer the phone but by the end it became second nature and now at work I think nothing of it.

5. Running Out of Time

This is kind of a weird one… I like being organised and having plans in place and if something comes up or I’m in a rush I feel like I don’t have enough time and I’m going to be late. I also worry about this in the sense that at times life can feel like it passes by so quickly and you don’t have things figured out. It does scare me that I don’t know what I want to do for a job or if I’ll be able to afford to buy a house or if I’ll end up going traveling. At the same time, I have learned that you can’t always worry about stuff like that and you have to live in the moment and make the best of each day. Slowly I am learning to go with the flow… to an extent.

6. Needles

When I was a kid I didn’t get upset when I had injections or blood taken. I would sit still and just let the doctor/nurse do whatever they had to do. When I was younger I would always get flu vaccinations and didn’t flinch. At 10 years old I was immunised at school for meningitis and meningococcal disease and completely switched. I was scared to have the injection and my mum had to come in and sit with me so I would have it. I don’t think I’ve had a blood test since I was 13.

7. Trying New Foods

I have ALWAYS been a fussy eater. I’m not the kind of person who particularly enjoys eating; I eat to live not live to eat. If I go out for dinner I try to find menus online to pre-pick what I’m going to have. If I’m at a restaurant I don’t want to try something that I may or may not like, it’ll feel like a waste of money if I don’t. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to flavours either.

Did you enjoy this post?

Do you have any fears? Leave a comment below!


21 thoughts on “7 Strange Fears I Have

  1. lifeofangela says:

    This was a very interesting read! With driving, I did not find it easy. I got my learners at 16, then didn’t start actually driving till I was 20. It took me two years to get my restricted. I still haven’t gone for my full. I do enjoy driving, but I also agree that it can be pretty scary.

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    • Chanelle says:

      I only got my Learner Licence last year so I am able to go for my Restricted now but I need a lot of practice first. I need to understand how everything works and what each parts of a car do. It is comforting to know I’m not the only who finds driving scary.

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  2. danniijane says:

    I think as I’ve got older I’ve felt more nervous about learning to drive. But I know at some point I’ll have to go for it☺ I hate public speaking too. My work have offered to train me as it’s an important part of my work x

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    • Chanelle says:

      One thing I’m conscious of with driving is learning while I’m still young so I don’t pick up bad habits. I’m only 22 so there’s still time 😊 that’s kind of your work, I’m sure it’ll be worthwhile. I’m not a bad public speaker and I know what not to do, I just don’t enjoy it very much haha x

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      • danniijane says:

        Yes do it while you’re young. Realistically I’m too old now to start so it feels harder. It is. I do public speaking and I’m getting better. I still dont enjoy it though haha😊 xx

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  3. Ella May Garrett says:

    This is such an interesting read! I have the problem with phone calls and trying new foods and I often think I’m being so silly but I can’t help it!
    Retail helped me sooo much with my fears too – I always recommend it to people actually! xxx

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  4. thoughtfulpigeon says:

    I have the same with driving and phone calls. I can’t drive at the moment because of health reasons but if I get to the point where I can I’m not sure how much I will. I just found myself tense all the time in case I did something wrong whenever I was practicing. I think I’m getting better with phone calls, especially when answering it, but actually calling people still makes me panic a bit and I will avoid it whenever possible.

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    • Chanelle says:

      You shouldn’t risk your health just to be able to drive, take things at your pace and no one will force you to do it. If they try, that’s not very nice of them. I agree, answering phones is better than having to make calls.


  5. stashy says:

    Haha I think all of us have had those nightmare dreams where we’re caught naked in public. It’s so embarressing! I’ve gotten better over time being naked but it’s one of those things that’s hard to shake.

    I’m not scared of the phone per se but I do not enjoy talking on it. I’d rather have silence than talking. I know it probably doesn’t align with how I am on the podcast or when I’m at work but when I’m doing those things, I’m “on” or performing. I need to be in a proper mention state. People tell me I’m a good public speaker and I do a lot of presentations on a regular basis. But I would much MUCH prefer to not have to do them… 😛

    I am weird… I don’t mind needles at all. I especially enjoy watching them draw blood from me. 😮 I’ve also donated blood on several occasions.

    One of my fears is banging my head on something and being knocked out. I don’t know why but I’m always avoiding anything close to my head!

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    • Chanelle says:

      I’ve never had that dream actually but I’ve heard of it! I don’t know if this is going a bit TMI but I used to think if someone else likes the way I look naked then it’s fine but now it’s more about me being able to recognise that myself because I don’t do things to please other people. I’m sure that’s a normal female reaction and as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised my feelings are WAY more important. You don’t seem shy on the podcasts at all! I’ve never donated blood, I’d be scared to because I don’t like needles and I know sometimes you can feel lightheaded afterwards.

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      • stashy says:

        No it’s not TMI and I totally understand what you mean about not having your naked body to please other people – it’s about YOUR own comfort level with it, and enjoying it. 🙂 I get it!
        I wouldn’t say that I’m shy. There’s a difference between being shy and being an introvert. I am ok to speak because of a lot of practice, but my overall preference is to be behind the scenes…

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  6. Lauren says:

    I’m exactly the same with phone calls! Unless it’s family I HATE speaking on the phone. I still have to get my Dad to schedule my doctors appointments lol and I’m nearly 23.

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  7. Lacey Lou xoxo says:

    I’m the same I hate phone calls! I don’t mind people phoning me but I get so nervous ringing other people! I also work in pharmacy and now have to speak on the phone every 2 bloody minutes haha, sure gets you over your fears! x

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  8. Lor says:

    Can completely agree with you on some of these for myself as well! I used to have SUCH a severe fear of driving. It took me forever to get my license (and even now, I still only have my G2. I still have to go for my full license soon!) As a teenager, there’s such a stigma that you “need” to have your license, otherwise there’s something wrong with you. I tell ya: I had some opinionated aunts in my family and cousins who were younger than me getting their driver’s license well before me – and I had to hear it! (like, really….what’s it to them?? lol) You’ll get there one day, hun, just take it at your own pace 🙂

    Needles – YES. Especially blood tests. Actually, I can’t do blood at all. Ugh. lol. I also hate not having enough time and the feeling of rushing.

    Flying is another huge one for me. I just don’t like it and am terrified of heights, turbulence, the whole thing. Hence, I’m not a huge travel gal!


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    • Chanelle says:

      With driving I want to do it but I need to take things at my own pace. There are plenty of people younger than me that can drive but good for them, I know I’ll get there one day 🙂 I’m not so bad with blood I just don’t like the thought of needles. I get scared I’ll have someone who isn’t the best at taking blood or injecting which will then lead to a big bruise, I bruise easily. I’m not really afraid of heights but I understand why you are. I have only flown to different places around NZ so I don’t know what I’d be like long distance.


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