BIG Body Shop Haul: Birthday Edition


Hello, how are you all doing?

I have been a member of The Body Shop’s Love Your Body scheme for almost two years now and this is the second time I’ve been able to take advantage of the one time 20% off discount during my birthday month (January). I absolutely adore The Body Shop and sometimes I shudder to think how much I have spent in the past 24 months! This haul is even bigger than last year’s but I have been so good lately and haven’t bought any makeup/beauty products. This is a real treat to myself!

I made an online order but also purchased a couple of things in store as I had a $10 off voucher to use and they can’t be used online.

A quick side note: The makeup ban was broken! I haven’t really gone into The Body Shop’s cosmetic territory (apart from a bronzer last year) so I’m interested to see how it fares.

In store items:


1. Vanilla Chai Scented Candle

You can’t go wrong with a classic vanilla scent! I like the subtlety of vanilla and I have a few vanilla based perfumes so I know I don’t get sick of the smell. I don’t know that I will burn this candle straight away as I have another one to burn first but I wanted to pick this up while I had the chance.


colour-crush-205-passionate-pink2. Colour Crush Lipstick 205 Passionate Pink

My name’s Chanelle and I’m a pink lipstick addict. There’s something about bright pink lipstick that draws me in and I couldn’t say no to this beautiful shade. Passionate Pink is brighter than fuchsia but darker than coral, I have shades similar to this but not exactly the same. I tried out this lipstick as soon as I got home and the formula feels very moisturising. The lipstick also has a beautiful soft rose scent.


Wearing Passionate Pink.

mango-hand-cream3. Mango Hand Cream

The Body Shop’s hand creams have become a staple in my nightly routine and I know they work well for me and don’t irritate my skin which is why I continue to buy them. I haven’t tried anything from the Mango range before but I wanted a more tropical, fruity scent. If I enjoy this scent I’m sure I will try more from the Mango range.

Online Order:

eye-palette-swinging-silver1. Eye Palette Swinging Silver

I really don’t own a lot of eyeshadow palettes and the ones I do have mostly contain neutrals. This quad eyeshadow palette was released in 2015 as part of the Christmas range and it has caught my eye on numerous occasions. I haven’t seen the palette in person but it was still available online and the swatches I’ve seen look super pretty! Swinging Silver combines metallic silver tones, smoky blues and coral hues. The palette comes with it’s own mirror and brush which will be handy for going away or traveling.


2. Vitamin C Energising Face Mist

I purchased this to replace the Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist I currently have. The Vitamin E mist featured in Project Pan and I now realise I was harsh on the product. It wasn’t until regular use I began to like it and really discovered it’s purpose. I like to spritz my face to add extra moisture before applying foundation and the rest of my makeup. I thought I’d give the Vitamin C spray a go to see if I like it any better and if my skin has more of a glow.

vanilla-chai-softening-body-gel-lotion3. Vanilla Chai Softening Body Gel-Lotion

Now I know when I purchased the Vanilla Chai hand cream I commented it wasn’t my favourite vanilla scent and I wouldn’t purchase anything else from the range but after using it more and my boyfriend telling me, “it smells like milk chocolate,” I’ve really come to like it. It’s more of a spicy vanilla due to the cinnamon, cardamom and brown sugar. I imagine this body lotion will be lovely to use in winter as the warm, spiciness of the scent will shine.

cocoa-butter-body-lotion4. Cocoa Butter Body Lotion

Body lotion is one thing The Body Shop does extremely well in my opinion. I use their body lotions as a daily moisturiser for my arms and they normally last a good few months. I picked up the Cocoa Butter as well as Vanilla Chai because the Cocoa Butter range is being discontinued and I want to try it while I have the chance. I am nearly finished my White Musk body lotion and I plan to use this one next. I got the Cocoa Butter body butter for Christmas which I will also be starting soon. I use body lotion in the morning and body butter after I shower. It will be a VERY cocoa buttery few months!

vanilla-chai-exfoliating-sugar-body-scrub5. Vanilla Chai Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub

We’re breaking boundaries with this haul, three Vanilla Chai items and my first ever body scrub! The lovely Rachael seems to be a fan of The Body Shop scrubs and I can’t wait to see what all the fuss is about. I have stared clear of body scrubs in the past because I have sensitive skin but I’ve read sugar is a much more gentle exfoliant so my skin might be fine. This doesn’t have SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in the ingredients list which I have reacted to in the past so I’m quietly confident I will be ok. I can always pass this on to my mum or a friend.

honey-oat-3-in-1-moisturising-scrub-mask6. Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Moisturising Scrub Mask

This product is one I have seen mentioned in the blogosphere before and the reviews I’ve read have been favourable. Honey does wonders for the skin but I’ve actually never tried anything with honey in before. My current Natio face mask is on it’s last legs and I purchased this mask as a replacement.

colour-crush-nails-680-blue-abyss7. Colour Crush Nails 680 Blue Abyss

Navy is one of those colours that goes with everything. I’ve been curious to try one of the nail polishes from The Body Shop after seeing different shades on Stashy’s blog. When someone owns as many polishes as she does and says something is decent, you trust her! This colour choice was inspired after seeing Rachael review an OPI shade called Russian Navy on her blog. I don’t own a lot of dark nail colours but I’m excited to wear this one! In pictures I’ve Googled it seems the polish contains hints of glitter making it even more stunning.

So, that’s everything I got! What do you think of the items I purchased? Have you tried any of them yourself?


21 thoughts on “BIG Body Shop Haul: Birthday Edition

  1. stashy says:

    Awesome haul! I’ve been eyeing the Vanilla Chai scented items. The Softening Body Gel-Lotion looks interesting – is it really lightweight?
    The lipstick looks amazing on you! The Body Shop lipsticks are quite nice in formula.
    I’ll wish you a happy birthday closer to your actual birthday… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Thanks! I haven’t tried the Vanilla Chai lotion yet, but the lightweight is intriguing me too 😛
      Not everyone can pull off a bright pink like that haha!
      I posted a pic on Instagram and had to change the caption in case people thought it was my actual birthday 😂


  2. Nadine says:

    Chanelle, you have me wanting to run to The Body Shop to find that candle. I am a huge fan of vanilla candles but add chai too it (I might be a chai tea addict) and you have a recipe for me falling in love. It sounds lovely!
    Bright pink lipsticks look so beautiful on you. 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

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