Hey, It’s Okay… If Christmas Isn’t Your Favourite Holiday

Hey It's Okay

Hey everyone and welcome to the twelfth and final Hey, It’s Okay… post for 2016! Before I get into the post, let me just clarify I’m not going to get all bah humbug and Scrooge on you.

Twinkling lights, snow falling down, fireplace roaring, stuffing your face with food, sounds like Christmas right?! Movies always paint a picture of how Christmas looks and how it should be when in reality it’s not always like that. Take Christmas in New Zealand for example, Christmas is in summer so it’s always warm – you won’t see snow and there won’t be a fireplace roaring. I’ve had 20 summer Christmases (coming up 21) and I still find it weird. I’d love to experience a cold Christmas one day and curl up on the couch with a cosy jumper opening presents.

Personally, Christmas isn’t my favourite holiday but it’s not my least favourite either. I have reasons why I like it and reasons I don’t.

I love the idea that Christmas brings family and friends together and you get to swap presents and celebrate and spend time with each other. Christmas is also a great excuse to indulge in lots of yummy food and overeat. Roast pork with crackling is what my family normally has for our big meal at lunch and it is delicious! Pavlova (a meringue based dessert) is my absolute favourite and a Christmas treat I always look forward to! Let’s face it, we all love receiving presents and the fact someone has gone to the trouble of thinking what to buy you is really what counts but I thoroughly enjoy gift shopping for others and I boast that I’m a pretty decent gift giver. I like to get my shopping out of the way early to avoid the last minute rush. Christmas lights and decorations automatically make things feel more like Christmas and I never tire of looking at fairy lights.

On the flipside, like many other holidays Christmas seems to be becoming more about children. I know children are fascinated with the idea of Santa but I think if we focused more on family traditions as we grow up we wouldn’t feel as stressed and overwhelmed by all the shopping/cooking/preparing that needs to be done. Christmas to me has always seemed like the type of holiday that is for the family (compared to something like Halloween where it’s normally only kids that go trick or treating). Christmas should be a time of togetherness and celebration, not worrying about trying to top last year’s presents. This brings me to next point, I don’t want this to sound rude but a lot of children these days are spoilt. When I was a child (and still now to an extent) I would never ask or suggest what I wanted as presents. It’s the thought that counts and you get what you are given. Love and thoughtfulness should not be compared to a monetary value! For many families, they can’t afford extravagant gifts or the latest technology and I know from personal experience and growing up that way that what you do receive is appreciated more.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t give presents or exchange gifts but instead of the price we should be focusing on the meaning behind the gifts and how special the people giving them to us are. Often it’s personal, handmade gifts that are far more meaningful.

Maybe I am being overly critical and assuming everyone sees Christmas the way I do but things have changed since I was younger and the magic of Christmas seems to have gotten lost among commercialisation. There are elements of Christmas I enjoy but it’s almost like the excitement of Christmas is lacking. We should spend time trying to bring that back rather than who can get the best bargain in the sales after the big day!

Is Christmas your favourite holiday? Does it still feel magical for you?

I really hope you enjoyed the Hey, It’s Okay… series! Let me know if you would be interested in more posts next year and if you have any suggestions or topics you’d like me to discuss.


13 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Okay… If Christmas Isn’t Your Favourite Holiday

  1. danniijane says:

    Great post hun. I actually prefer the lead up to the day. Seeing the lights go up, Christmas markets etc. The day itself is nice to spend with family, but normally we sit in so it can get a bit dull. For some reason I’m more festive and excited for the day this year. Maybe cos we’re away☺ It must be strange having a warm Christmas. I’d like to experience it one year but you’re right, they do sell it as being a cold time of year with snow forgetting lots of countries are warm x

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    • Chanelle says:

      I’m more excited for Christmas this year than I have been in a while but I think that’s because I’m in a good place at the moment and I’m looking forward to giving my gifts and seeing the reaction on people’s faces. Where are you going away if you don’t mind me asking? Warm Christmases are very strange lol x

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      • danniijane says:

        I think usually cos we’re at home we get a bit bored. But this year we’re all excited. We staying in a lodge in the New Forest. So it’s still the UK but we’re going out fir dinner etc☺ xx

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  2. hoiyinli says:

    My favourite thing about Christmas is the Christmas lights and decorations, and the markets as well as getting everyone together. But otherwise, I share the same opinion as you so I don’t think you’re being overly critical. I actually think you’re spot on.

    I agree 100%. Christmas gifting is not really a thing in my household but at least as a kid and growing up, I felt the Christmas spirit and was grateful for the one or two gifts that I did get. In recent years, it has been slipping away. I don’t know what it is, but maybe like you say, it’s the commerciality of Christmas now over the Christmas spirit. Some people seem to see Christmas as such a chore which is a real shame. And if you have ever worked in retail, you will know, many people actually return their gifts!

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    • Chanelle says:

      This is my first year working in retail so I’m trying to prepare myself for the madness that will be the day after Christmas. I personally think returning presents is quite rude, a little bit of gratitude doesn’t hurt. I’m glad you agree with me and I’m not the only one who thinks this way. We need to bring back the Christmas spirit! 🎄

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  3. stashy says:

    You should spend one Christmas in Canada! We don’t always have snow for Christmas day but we’ll likely have a white Christmas this year. 😛
    But, I hear what you’re saying. Yes, kids ARE spoiled! And the more more more every year is tiring.
    I do like Christmas because it’s a time to wind down the year – it does bring people together. I like Christmas food. And shopping for presents to give. I’ve never had huge gatherings or extravagant presents so I’d say that I like MY level of Christmas!
    Question: what’s your favourite holiday?

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  4. Lor says:

    This was a very interesting read, Chanelle! I know for me, the older I get, the more stressed out with Christmas I seem to get! As a kid, it was obviously the best time of the year next to your birthday – so much excitement and magic! I still get some nostalgia of the Christmas magic from my childhood, but it’ll never be like what it was, even if I try my best to get it back. There’s still a little there…and I think that’s what stays with you, even as an adult. I’m sure a lot of it comes back when people have children of their own too. It definitely holds a different meaning as you age! Thanks for this post 🙂 Very reflective!


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    • Chanelle says:

      You make a good point about Christmas having a different meaning as you age. I’m like you, as I’ve grown up, it feels a little less magic. I don’t want it to lose that magic though! I know there are still so many people who get excited for Christmas, I just need some of what they’ve got haha. Christmas shouldn’t be stressful 🙂

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  5. lorahull says:

    One of my best friends moved to Australia a few years ago and she still finds it strange that it is sunny and warm on Christmas! I can’t imagine it!
    I think you are right though, Christmas has become so expensive and people put a lot of stress on themselves to buy and spoil everyone they love (I’m definitely guilty of it and have tried to go for quality over quantity this year!) but its so difficult when we are inundated with gifts to buy!!

    Looking forward to more of these posts in the new year xxx

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    • Chanelle says:

      Thank you for reading Laura! Glad you enjoyed this post, I’ll have to think of some more topics 😊 Christmas becomes such a stressful time when that’s not how it’s intended. Hope you have a great Christmas!


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