GUEST POST: Festive Makeup

guest-post-festive-makeupHello everyone! How’s your week been? Today’s post is just a quick one to let you know I have written a guest post for one of my closest blogging friends, Claire. Claire is doing Blogmas over on her blog and she kindly asked if I would be interested writing a post for one of the days.

(I apologise for not getting this post up sooner but I had a rare weekend off from work and spent the weekend with my boyfriend).

My post, Festive Makeup went up on Sunday (December 11th). As you know, beauty is one of my favourite topics to talk about and I came up with a few different makeup combinations to wear during the Christmas season. I haven’t included specific lip or eye products, it’s more about the colour combinations meaning you can adapt each look to suit you, whatever your budget!

The colour combinations are as follows:

  • Red lips and smokey eyes
  • Plum lips and gold eyes
  • Nude lips and green eyes
  • Purple lips and silver eyes

CLICK HERE to read my post in full over on Claire’s blog!

It was great fun writing this post and be sure to let Claire and I know which look you’re going for this Christmas! Personally, I’m opting for plum/berry lips and a gold, sparkly eye!


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