October Happiness Highlights

Happiness Highlights

October 1: Saw Ellie Goulding tonight and she was even more incredible than last time!


October 2: When you end up eating half of mum’s fish & chips for lunch as well as butter chicken, I was so hungry!

October 3: Happy birthday Tango! (My cat) 🎈

October 4: Glitter sneakers to match my glitter nails ✨

October 5: Random mum appreciation moment because she’s amazing! She always tries to make me feel better when I doubt myself and build me back up – thanks mum!

October 6: Doing yoga for the first time in a while felt like an achievement 👊

October 7: Made good progress on my ‘Watch Later’ list on YouTube.

October 8: The sun made one of it’s rare appearances of late 😊

October 9: When in lipstick doubt, Fuchsia it out!

October 10: First sleep in in a while 🤗

October 11: Got my hair cut today – shorter than I was planning but I’ll get used to it 💇


October 12: The little signs of affection are the most meaningful.

October 13: No rain today – yay!

October 14: Heard three Ellie Goulding songs at work tonight.

October 15: Bought some balloons for my birthday in January. Never too early to start getting organised haha.

October 16: Yesterday marked 10 years since I rediscovered Steps. So many good memories and more to come!

October 17: Sometimes unexpected plans are the best ☺

October 18: Went for a nice walk this afternoon and had a nap afterwards, normally I can’t sleep during the middle of the day.

October 19: There’s always a sense of completion when you finish a book!

October 20: I fired a gun today (technically four) and it was awesome!

October 21: My ASOS watch arrived and it is the perfect fit – I love it! 😍


October 22: Got the little things done that I needed to. Overall, a chilled, relaxed day.

October 23: The weather looked so pretty today and it wasn’t too hot.


October 24: 3 months until my birthday! 🎉

October 25: Catch ups and laughter make for a perfect afternoon.

October 26: Received so many nice compliments today!

October 27: When someone picks you a beautiful yellow rose to cheer you up


October 28: Waking up to cuddles is pretty amazing!

October 29: Listened to Shania Twain’s Come On Over for the first time in a while today – still my favourite album ever!

October 30: Bacon sandwich for lunch.

October 31: Getting an invitation to have chocolate sponge cake and being able to play with adorable cats and dogs.

Let me know what made you happy in October!


12 thoughts on “October Happiness Highlights

  1. stashy says:

    Wow, the Ellie Goulding concert would be THE highlight of the whole month! 😀
    How old is Tango the cat now? And does it get a treat on the day?
    Your haircut looks so fresh – it’s only hair, it’ll grow back in no time and then you’ll be complaining needing a haircut. 😉
    OMG you fired a GUN? I’ve never handled a gun much less fired one… may I ask why you were firing a gun 4 times? 😮
    I just love how everything is all girly and you bust out a “I fired a gun 4 times today” LOL 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      It was an amazing highlight! Tango is 7 years old now. My hair will grow back soon enough 🙂 I went out to a range and was shooting at some targets. I went with a couple of other people.


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