New In: Revlon Lip Butters


Last Tuesday I tweeted that I am going on a lip product ban. Lips are my favourite part of my makeup routine but I’m getting overwhelmed with all of the options I have and I feel like I need to have a break from buying any and use up a few of my other shades first. That tweet came straight after purchasing three of Revlon’s lip butters though. (Going out with a bang, right?!) I wanted one last spend before committing to this ban.

Revlon’s lip butters have been around for years but I only properly discovered them last year when they got discontinued. I own eight shades in total now and I adore each one. I purchased each shade for a particular reason and not just for the sake of it. In today’s post I will be talking you through the three new shades I bought and showing you swatches as well!

001 Pink Truffle

Pink Truffle is a warm, rosy nude and from what I’ve gathered, it is also one of the most popular shades! I saw Tanya Burr wearing this and speaking about it in one of her vlogs and I kind of fell in love after that. In swatches online, Pink Truffle pulls slightly brown and in real life it looks like a cross between brown and pink. This is one of the more pigmented lip butters that I’ve tried and it’s a very warm colour. A huge plus point of the lip butters is the combination of beautiful colour with a buttery balm texture. I find the colours all pretty pigmented on me and if I want to wear them sheer, literally one swipe on each lip would be enough. If I’m honest, Pink Truffle isn’t a shade that has instantly wowed me but I don’t regret purchasing it. I might keep this as a backup for when I’m getting low on some of my other nudes.

025 Peach Parfait

Peachy pinks are beautiful and super versatile because they are the perfect everyday colours. Peach Parfait is the shade worn by Emma Stone in advertisements for the lip butters and it looks more orange than it actually is. This shade is a juicy pink which I prefer because I’ve got a few orange-peaches in my collection already and I don’t really like to double up. When I was reading about Peach Parfait online a lot of people didn’t like the glitter which changed their opinion on the otherwise gorgeous colour. I have only applied this shade twice and I haven’t found the glitter to be gritty or chunky, the formula of this lip butter is just as smooth as the others and this shade will be so pretty come summertime. I see myself wearing Peach Parfait a lot!

085 Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum is a shade that was recommended to me in the comments section on a blog post. Googling this shade made me think it looks similar to MAC’s Syrup in a few pictures. Syrup has been extremely well loved over the past 18 months and I wanted to purchase Sugar Plum to see how it compares colour wise. Even if it’s not an exact match for Syrup (Berry Smoothie is probably closer), they look along the same colour lines and wearing Sugar Plum will help prolong the life of Syrup. Sugar Plum has more berry red tones but it’s nice to change things up a little bit – not that I could ever tire of of Syrup. Sugar Plum in particular has a beautiful purple quilted casing making it one of the easier shades to identify.


new-lip-butter-swatchesTop To Bottom: Peach Parfait, Pink Truffle and Sugar Plum.

lip-butter-lip-swatchesTop To Bottom: Pink Truffle, Peach Parfait and Sugar Plum.

I have talked about Revlon’s lip butters on my blog before and I will leave a few links so you can check out the other shades in my collection:

  • Revlon Lip Butters – My first foray into lip butter territory. I hauled four on eBay in one hit.
  • August Favourites 2016 – I purchased the shade 090 Sweet Tart (bright pink) last month and it was one of my standouts for August.

Revlon’s lip butters are one of my favourite products and I highly urge you to try them if you haven’t already! There are over 20 colours in the range so I’m sure you’ll find at least one you like! Let me know your thoughts if you have tried them and which shades you’re a fan of. Thanks for reading!


20 thoughts on “New In: Revlon Lip Butters

  1. Nadine says:

    These are so pretty! I love lip butters and tinted balm type things. They are so easy to wear. I especially love Sugar Plum. I need to keep a lookout for these. Great article, Chanelle! 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. danniijane says:

    I used to love the lip butters. I don’t always find lipsticks comfortable to wear but these are. I’ll have to try out the colours again when I’m out☺ All of the shades really suit you. You can pull off all colours x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      I haven’t worn Sugar Plum properly yet but I am going to today! Pink Truffle has already grown on me after wearing it and as I mentioned in the post it will be great when I use up/start to get low on other nude shades 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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