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I have definitely saved the best until last for this series and today I’m talking you through the bright pink lip products in my collection. Pinks in general are my favourite to wear but fuchsia is my absolute favourite and a couple of them feature in this post – one of which is my most loved and most worn lipstick of all time! Let’s get started!

1. BYS – Fuchsia Surprise

Kicking things off with my favourite lipstick of this bunch and my entire collection! I have talked about this lipstick so many times on my blog and it is crazy how good it is! Fuchsia Surprise cost me $6 (if I remember correctly) and the pigmentation and formula is nicer than some of my more expensive lipsticks. Recently I’ve gathered together my favourites and products I reach for often and put them in a makeup bag that sits on top of my dresser – of course Fuchsia Surprise is in there! The one downside with this lipstick is the packaging but for the price point and how amazing this shade is, I can forgive that.

2. Revlon – Lollipop

I purchased Lollipop (such a great name) in 2015 and wanted to try it to see how it compared to Fuchsia Surprise. I thought it would a more sheer fucshia, which it is but it still packs a punch! There is a slight colour difference, Lollipop is more fuschia/magenta and contains micro-glitter whereas Fuschia Surprise is straight fuschia/hot pink. I did a comparison post between these two colours which you can check out HERE! I don’t reach for Lollipop as often as I reach for Fuschia Surprise but it’s nice to have it as a backup option.

3. MAC – Sunny Seoul

I’m going to be honest and admit I don’t wear this lipstick as often as I should. Sunny Seoul is such a beautiful, bright, almost neon coral pink but I just don’t love it as much as I thought I would. I don’t think that’s because of the colour necessarily, I think it’s because of the formula. Sunny Seoul is a cremesheen + pearl finish and I know a lot of people rave about MAC’s cremesheen formula but I’m not one of them. If I want a sheer light wash of colour I’ll go for a balm or lightly apply one of Revlon’s lip butters. Sometimes the colour doesn’t apply evenly and goes a little bit patchy. I’m not ready to give up on this shade yet but it’s not one of my must haves.

4. MAC – All Fired Up

If you’re someone like me who loves to rock a fuschia lip but still loves a red lip, All Fired Up is the shade for you! This lipstick is a hybrid between the two colours and it is almost my perfect lipstick. The reason I say almost is because I think the formula would start to take it’s toll on my lips if I wore this day in day out. All Fired Up is a retro matte which means it is more drying than a regular matte but I still find this shade less matte than Ruby Woo which is from the same line. I always apply a tiny bit of lip balm underneath this to prevent my lips drying out. Personally, I think All Fired Up is underrated. I don’t see it talked about very often but it should be because it’s gorgeous!

5. W7 – Raspberry Ripple

This lipstick is another $6 bargain I picked up in a makeup sale earlier this year. I originally bought this for my mum but she gave it to me as she already had similar shades. This is another lipstick I don’t wear all that often but I am always impressed by it when I do. The packaging isn’t the greatest and it feels a bit tacky/cheap but the product makes up for it. Raspberry Ripple is like a less in your face version of Fuschia Surprise and has more of a frosty sheen to it. For this reason I included it in my Winter Lipstick Picks as it’s still a nice pop of colour but it’s not too bright.

6. Rimmel – 102 Nova

I purchased Nova along with two other lip lacquers in the Apocolips range in March and this is my least favourite of the bunch. I find this pink somewhere between bright and dull and I don’t wear it. Doing these posts has made me realise what lipsticks I do love and enjoy wearing and those that I don’t need that are surplus to requirements. There’s nothing wrong with the colour but I think it gets lost among my other pinks. I will give Nova another chance but I am leaning towards purging it or giving it to someone else.



Top To Bottom – Fuschia Surprise, Lollipop, Sunny Seoul, All Fired Up, Raspberry Ripple and Nova.

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27 thoughts on “Shop My Stash: Bright Pink Lipsticks

  1. stashy says:

    Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop is SO pigmented, I’m always shocked it’s “just” a lip butter. I rarely reach for mine but I should wear it more! MAC All Fired Up is so amped up bright! When you wear that, what kind of eye makeup do you wear with it?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lauren says:

    Love all these shades! I bought All Fired Up a couple of years ago for my 20th birthday when I was in Selfridges in London and it’s gorgeous! Well worth the £15.50 hehe

    Liked by 1 person

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