Top 10 Under $10

Top 10 Under $10

Everyone loves a beauty bargain! When it comes to price, expensive isn’t always better and it’s well known that there are plenty of affordable products to rival high end competitors. Makeup in New Zealand can be overpriced but I suppose that is the price we pay (literally!) for being a small country right at the bottom of the world. I am pretty frugal when it comes to money and while I do splurge occasionally, I use a number of inexpensive makeup items from day to day. Almost all of my makeup is drugstore. I can’t justify high end prices but that doesn’t mean I can’t look nice. Today I’m sharing 10 products under $10 (NZD) that I wouldn’t be without!

Top 10 Under $10 Items#1. Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes

If you didn’t already know, Makeup Revolution’s Iconic palettes are dupes for the Naked palettes by Urban Decay. I’ve seen so many bloggers and beauty gurus rave about the quality of Urban Decay eyeshadows and a lot of people have recommended Makeup Revolution’s offerings as an alternative. I personally haven’t tried the Naked palettes (I don’t even know if they’re sold in New Zealand) so I can’t compare the two but I purchased the Iconic 1 and Iconic 2 in May and they are worth every penny! I don’t think I could spend a huge amount of money on an eyeshadow palette unless I was going to use it every single day when I can find something similar for a fraction of the price. Call me stingy or cheap, but these do what I want them to and I love them. They may not be the longest wearing eyeshadows but the shades are gorgeous, there’s minimal fallout and they blend nicely.

#2. I ♡ Makeup Goddess of Love Highlighter

I purchased this highlighter in May along with the Iconic palettes and oh my goodness it is one of the prettiest products I own without a doubt! The heart packaging is adorable and the amount of product you get is incredible. Goddess of Love may look plain but on closer inspection it has pinky-lilac flecks running through it and because it’s a triple baked highlighter it’s beautifully soft and doesn’t feel powdery at all. I find this shade is quite versatile and goes with a range of looks, it gives the loveliest glow which enhances your skin. Goddess of Love looks more intense when applied with a finger but my favourite way to apply it is with my Real Techniques Setting Brush to give a softer glow.

#3. BYS Fuchsia Surprise Lipstick

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while now, you’ll know that this is my favourite lipstick in the world! This lipstick is also really special because it was my first proper lipstick that I bought when I started getting into makeup. I have talked about this lipstick so many times and I cannot praise it enough. The formula is so buttery and smooth and the wear time is impeccable. I even have a story to prove it: a couple of years ago I was at a friend’s party and I was the only one who hadn’t been drinking and I ended up being sick. I was staying the night and when I got up the next morning, my lipstick was still in tact.

#4. Impulse Into Glamour Body Spray

This body spray is one of those products that I always repurchase. I don’t have any at the moment as I’m using a body mist I got for my birthday but when that runs out, I’ll go back to this. Into Glamour is made up of sandalwood and vanilla – I seem to have a thing for vanilla scents. I have worn this ever since The Saturdays endorsed it back in 2009. These cans are so lightweight and easy to pop in your handbag, especially now they’re smaller.

#5. Simple Moisturiser

This is another product I have used for years and I have never experienced any problems or irritation. I’ve used both the Hydrating Light Moisturiser and the Replenishing Rich Moisturiser, which I think is slightly better for my skin. The Rich moisturiser feels more nourishing and keeps my skin softer. My favourite thing about Simple moisturiser is that there’s no perfume so it’s completely scent free and it also contains vitamins and skin loving nutrients.

#6. Revlon Lip Butters

Back in April when I did The Lip Product Tag, I chose Revlon’s lip butters as my favourite drugstore lip product. I own five pretty bold shades and there are still a couple of others I’d like to swatch or pick up one day. In total, there are more than 20 shades ranging from brights to neutrals. I really like the lip butters because they are very comfortable on the lips and they can be worn lightly as a stain or built up for more colour. I also adore the quilted packaging and how easy they are to find in my makeup drawer among my other lip products.

#7. Maybelline Dr. Rescue Top Coat

I purchased this top coat a few months ago when I discovered my previous one had dried up. Rachael (Helpless Whilst Drying) loved this and I knew it had to be good if a nail polish lover like herself was a fan! I find the size of this so dinky and cute and the fact it looks pink but applies clear strangely appealing. This top coat is supposed to give your nails a gel-like effect and I’ve never had a gel manicure but this makes my nails look super pretty and shiny. It also wears really well. I’ve noticed that when I wear this, my nail polish lasts for a week or more without chips.

#8. Nivea Pearly Shine

I have had this lip balm for a while now and I’m not going to throw it away until I’ve used all of it up and it becomes an empty. It has actually been a while since I’ve worn this but when I was thinking of products for this post, this was right at the top. This lip balm is nourishing and there’s been many a day I’ve worn this on it’s own. The colour is a sheer, frosted baby pink which is very flattering and natural for everyday wear.

#9. Rimmel 60 Seconds Colour Fest Nail Polishes

I own three polishes from this range and while I’m yet to try two of them, I’m crossing my fingers they’ll be just as amazing. I’ve got a few other Rimmel polishes as well and they are so pretty. I love painting my nails and I love Rimmel; the decision to include these polishes was a no brainer! The shade that prompted this inclusion is Bestival Blue. Since picking it up in June, I have been impressed with formulation and wear time. My nails are opaque in two coats and coupled with Maybelline’s top coat above, it almost looks like a professional manicure. I even had a few comments at work last week about my nails.

#10. Real Techniques Shading Brush

This little brush was purchased at the end of 2015 and it is one of my favourite and most used Real Techniques brushes. The size is perfect for my small eyes and I can do a whole eye look with this one brush. The bristles are incredibly soft and I especially love it for blending out the crease and packing shadow all over the lid. I have purchased the Starter Set for eyes since the design of Real Techniques brushes was updated slightly and the bristles aren’t as soft. I only really use two out of the five brushes. Upon reflection, I would have been better to buy another couple of shading brushes. If you have small eyes and you’re looking at the set, that might be something to consider.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing my bargain beauty picks! Leave a comment with something that’s on your list!



24 thoughts on “Top 10 Under $10

  1. danniijane says:

    Great picks for under $10. The UK used to be the same, very few cheap products but we’ve got some really affordable brands now. I love the lip butters. You’ve reminded me to buy one☺ And O still adore that cute highlighter you got x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Chanelle says:

      Thank you! FYI $10 NZD is roughly equivalent to £5. Do get a lip butter, they are lovely! I want to buy some more but the sites I’ve found only ship to England so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find someone to help get them to me 😊 x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lauren says:

    I’ve got the Iconic 3 and love it! I’m planning a comparisons post between that and my Naked 3 x As far as I know you can get the Naked palettes in New Zealand but i think they’re online only. I’ve never tried the lip butters before so I’m definitely gonna check them out

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rachael Styles - Helpless Whilst Drying says:

    Totally agree with you on expensive eyeshadows, I used to have the Urban Decay ones but once I tried the Makeup Revolution ones I sold them online! They wasn’t worth almost 10 times more than what the MUR ones are! Unless it’s something which I can’t find elsewhere (like that Violet Voss one), I wouldn’t spend a lot on a eyeshadow palette anymore, especially when it comes to Nude shades, lets face it practically every brand has a version of the Naked Palette now-a-days.
    Hurray for the Dr Resue topcoat, glad you love it, I’m going back to it once I’ve made my way through my stash, I think I’ve ended up with alot of new ones recently thanks to beauty boxes. I found 6 the other day when I was reorganising!
    Going to check out some of the items you’ve mentioned I’ve not tried. Those Heart Baked highlighters are next on my list from MUR!

    Liked by 1 person

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