My New Specs!

My New Specs!Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope your week is going well so far!

Ever since I was five years old I have worn glasses so they are a huge part of my identity. I don’t hate the fact I wear glasses and the thought of wearing contact lenses doesn’t appeal to me for a couple of reasons: I don’t like the thought of sticking my fingers in my eyes and after wearing glasses for so long, I’d feel naked without them. My eyes (and my face as I found out this time round) are small and I like how glasses make my eyes more prominent. I’m now onto my fifth pair of glasses and I wanted to share what they look like as well as talking you through my decision to get a new pair.

My fifth pair came about a few weeks ago when I went to book my Learner Licence driving test. Before you sit the test you get your photo taken and have your eyes tested. I didn’t do too well with the eye test so I had to book an appointment with the optometrist. I passed the check at the optometrist so the following Tuesday when I sat my test (and passed!) I was given my paper driving licence. Following the driver licence check at the optometrist I made an appointment to have a full eye test later in the week. I had my previous pair of glasses for seven and a half years and when I had the full eye test I was surprised to learn my eyes hadn’t deteriorated a great deal in that time. I made the decision to get new glasses though especially if I’m going to be driving, I want to be able to see what I’m doing and where I’m going.

It’s sad saying goodbye to my fourth pair of glasses because I don’t know if I will find another pair as perfect but I will keep them as my backup pair. When I was looking at new frames I knew what I liked and what I didn’t. I didn’t want anything big because I have a small face and I didn’t want any dark colours. As much as I love ‘geek chic’ on other people, it doesn’t suit me. I wanted something lightweight with quite small lenses and most of the pairs I was drawn to were purple. Thinking about it now, almost every pair of glasses I’ve had have been purple and the colour suits me so why not?

I found a lot of the pairs were too big for me and I joked that I should be looking at the kid’s frames and low and behold they were a much better fit for me – I didn’t realise my face was that tiny! Deciding on a pair of glasses is a difficult decision and not one that I could make on the spot so I was allowed to bring home a few pairs of glasses (two of which were children’s) to help me make up my mind. I posted an image to Instagram with me wearing my top three pairs and asked for your input. Top 3 GlassesThe first pair proved popular and that was the pair I liked best too. There was something that didn’t sit right with me though and I didn’t end up choosing any of those three pairs. When I returned the glasses to the optometrist I had another look at the frames and a different pair jumped out at me. I said to mum you instantly know if a pair is right for you or not and I felt that with this pair whereas I hadn’t with any of the other five. They fit the bill perfectly, small, light and purple. They are kid’s frames but even the optical assistant agreed they looked nice and are a perfect fit.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to my new pair of glasses. They even have a name, Arikara (not chosen by me):New Glasses

What do you think of my new glasses? Expect to see them around a lot for the next wee while! I’d also like to hear about any experiences you have when it comes to buying glasses.


11 thoughts on “My New Specs!

    • Chanelle says:

      I didn’t know purple was your favourite colour! I hadn’t taken an image of me wearing them when this post went up but I posted one on Instagram, maybe I’ll add it in.


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