June Happiness Highlights

Happiness Highlights

I can’t believe it’s already been one month since I shared my May Happiness Highlights! The past 30 days feel like they’ve been a bit of a blur and reading back over this list feels like some of these things happened so long ago. Apart from losing my job this month I still managed to find one thing to smile about every day. As I type this Delta Goodrem’s song ‘One Day’ is playing and the lyric, “one day it will be okay” could not be more appropriate right now. For the past 10 days I have been reflecting a lot about what has happened and I don’t want to keep dwelling on the negative. I need to keep busy and stay positive.

June 1: Successful day working on blog posts.

June 2: It’s always nice to go shopping and spend the day with mum. Had a yummy curry for lunch (butter chicken) and bought a lovely jumper.

June 2 - Curry

June 3: Spent the evening reading while burning a candle.

June 4: Ended up in town again shopping… Oops!

June 5: Takeaway and a chilled evening in front of the telly.

June 6: Was a bit naughty and had leftover tiramisu for breakfast.

June 7: I didn’t feel cold at all today despite it being winter πŸ™‚

June 8: My Makeup Revolution order FINALLY arrived today!

Makeup Revolution Items

June 9: My highlight was well and truly on fleek!

June 10: Mum’s homemade vegetable soup is one of my favourite things about winter.

June 11: After having the worst headache, feeling sick and not being able to keep anything down I finally got to hear the new Dannii Minogue song.

June 12: Caught up with YouTube videos and cleared my ‘Watch Later’ list.

June 13: I learnt something new today. I have always enjoyed learning.

June 14: Kitty cuddles are the best!

June 15: The people I wanted to stay didn’t get eliminated from My Kitchen Rules Australia.

June 16: Laughter can always cheer me up even if I’m not having the best day!

June 17: Went to a quiz night which was a lot of fun! Our team didn’t do too badly either.

June 18: Been hunting for a pair of black jeggings for the past couple of weeks and purchased a pair from Cotton On. They are a good length which when you’re short is hard to find.

June 19: Felt like fish and chips for lunch today so that’s what I had.

June 20: Wore a new grey and white striped top I picked up at the weekend.

June 21: Discussed exciting plans with my brother. I might go up and stay with him in August and see Alan Carr live!

June 22: I didn’t have a worry in the world for the first time in a long time today.

June 23: Finally painted my nails with Rimmel’s Bestival Blue after purchasing it a couple of weeks ago.

June 24: Did some online shopping today. Pre-ordered Delta Goodrem’s new album and ordered a few bits from kikki.K.

Delta - Wings of the Wild Pre-order

June 25: I’ve been meaning to clean my makeup brushes for the past week and I finally did. Luckily I barely wore makeup this week.

June 26: Started watching Love and Other Drugs, Anne Hathaway is a brilliant actress.

June 27: My Alan Carr ticket arrived in the post.

June 27 - Alan Carr ticket

June 28: Wore the black jeggings I purchased from Cotton On for the first time β˜‘

June 29: Didn’t do much at all today but I don’t mind. The Lindt chocolates I ate were tasty though!

June 30: My kikki.K order arrived. I did a mini haul video on Instagram if you want a closer look at what I got.

June 30 - kikki.K

Leave a comment below with one or more of your highlights from June.




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