Blogger Made Me Buy It

Blogger Made Me Buy ItOne of my favourite parts of blogging is discovering new and interesting products and being able to try them out. When it comes to money and spending, 9 times out of 10 I will purchase a product for a specific purpose as opposed to buying it because I feel like it (although that has happened in the past). Today I have a handful of products to talk about that fellow bloggers have convinced me to buy. Keep reading to find out whether they’re as good as they have been made out to be!

1. Fudge Urban Miracle Ends Tropical Cocktail

I don’t tend to do a lot with my hair but I have changed that recently. I’m lucky my hair is in good condition so I don’t need to use a lot of product and I have a simple hair care routine. I apply this to the ends of my hair at night and when I first began applying it I noticed a difference straight away. My hair feels even softer using this product, particularly when I blow dry or straighten it. The best part about this is the smell. The smell is fruity and tropical but not overpowering in the slightest – I believe this scent would make a lovely body spray. Not only is this a nice smelling product, it does live up to it’s claims. It seals split and dry ends, repairs, conditions and nourishes hair and can be used wet or dry. Argan Oil hydrates hair and and helps to create a natural shine.

Blogger who made me buy it: Karen (Confetti and Curves)

2. Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil – Hazel

My natural brows are thick and quite dark but since buying this brow pencil there have only been a handful of times I haven’t reached for it and that’s normally when I’m having a no makeup day or wearing minimal makeup. I really like the shade hazel because the colour is not too dark, it blends in nicely with my natural brow colour and pulls on the auburn tones of my hair. I have had the pencil for three months now and have only had to sharpen it a couple of times. I do see the difference this makes to my brows even though it is subtle and I like it!

Blogger who made me buy it: Claire (Clarina Beauty) 

3. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – 01 Fair

This wee tube of concealer is often talked about in the blogging world and for good reason! I use the lightest shade which is perfect for my skin tone and the coverage and formula of the product is exceptional. This concealer doesn’t cling to any dry patches or crease and I find it really good for my complexion. It doesn’t break me out or make my t-zone oily and it is certainly a product I will be repurchasing!

Blogger who made me buy it: Again, Claire (Clarina Beauty) but there are a number of bloggers who sing its’ praises.

4. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

This is the product I have owned for the shortest amount of time out of everything on this list but it is fast becoming a firm favourite! I purchased this night cream a few weeks ago as I wanted to use something more nourishing and hydrating than my regular moisturiser at night time. I apply this after removing my makeup for the day and it is doing wonders for my skin. The tub contains 50ml which may not seem like a lot but I apply this sparingly and when I wake up my skin doesn’t feel dry and my makeup is applying better and looking nicer. The Body Shop’s Vitamin E range has a rose scent which you may not be a fan of (I am) but that pales in comparison to how good the product is. This soaks in quickly and doesn’t give skin a greasy feel while still keeping it moisturised and supple.

Blogger who made me buy it: Rachel (Rachel’s Beauty Talk)

5. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer – 01 Light Matte

If you’re extremely fair skinned, new to bronzers and looking for a matte bronzer to help contour or just to use all over the face, the honey bronzers from The Body Shop are a winner! I purchased this back in January as part of my Birthday Body Shop Haul and this is my go to when I’m feeling a little pale and just want to add a bit more colour to my face. It is pretty difficult to go over the top with this particular shade as it is so light but I don’t find myself needing to use a lot of product to get a good payoff either. I apply this using my Real Techniques Blush Brush as it is nice and fluffy and sweeps the product over my cheeks.

Blogger who made me buy it: Lauren (Styled By Lauren) and Estée (Estée Lalonde)

6. W7 Power Puff Makeup Sponge

Sponges have taken the makeup world by storm in the last couple of years and I picked up this Beauty Blender dupe at a makeup sale for $6 to see what all the hype is about. After using it I totally get the appeal! Sponges give a light, streak free finish and while I don’t use this sponge all the time it’s good when my makeup brushes have been washed and need time to dry or to apply my Max Factor foundation in the cooler months to ensure I don’t look orange because it is better suited to my skin tone in the summer.

Blogger who made me buy it: Karen (Confetti and Curves)

7. Rimmel Asia Lipstick

I had brushed this shade off when I initially, it looked like other light pink-blush shades and I didn’t think I needed one in my collection. When I read it was a dupe for MAC shades like Mehr, Twig, Cosmo and Faux I was intrigued and wanted to try it! I thought why pay $40 for a MAC lipstick when I can get something similar from one of my favourite brands for a quarter of the price. As it turns out, Asia isn’t quite as pink as I first thought and makes a great everyday lip colour which is why it featured in my Nude Lipsticks 101 post. The pigmentation is outstanding and the formula is nice and creamy and long lasting on the lips.

Blogger who made me buy it: Claire (EclairsCares)

I am impressed with all of these products and I tend to trust the opinions of my fellow bloggers – they haven’t led me wrong here! What products have bloggers inspired you to buy?


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27 thoughts on “Blogger Made Me Buy It

  1. Lauren says:

    Great picks! Thanks for the mention, I obviously love that bronzer! It is so perfect for pale skin, I really don’t know what I would do without it! I also love that Fudge Urban Miracle Ends cream, it is so good and the scent is amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. adeleinglasses says:

    Love the choices! The Fudge Urban Miracle Ends Tropical Cocktail sounds like a nice product, especially scent-wise, and I HAVE to try the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer next because – you’re right – SO MANY beauty bloggers recommend that one.

    Liked by 1 person

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