May Favourites 2016

May Favourites 2016

Here we are at the end of another month and I’m already half way through my week off from work. If I could sum this month up in one word it would be exciting! I’ve been looking forward to my time off for a long time, I’ve been doing some online shopping and had a few bits and pieces arrive as well. May has been a pretty good month for me and I hope it was for you too! Onto the favourites!

1. Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner 212 Rich Brown – I’ve really upped my eyeliner game since purchasing this in March. I would never apply eyeliner because I didn’t know how and couldn’t do so confidently. I have made good progress which I think is down to this being a retractable pencil. There’s something about the nib on a liquid eyeliner that scares me. The nib on this eyeliner is almost like a crayon and it glides on easily without being messy and getting all over my eyelid. I find this lasts well, I haven’t experienced any fading or smudging and it’s not a pain to remove. If you’re a newbie to eyeliner or not the best at applying it like me, I’d recommend trying this out!

2. Maybelline Dr. Rescue Top Coat – I have been meaning to include this little gem in my last two monthly favourites posts but I have forgotten to photograph it both times. How cute is the bottle?! You get 7ml of top coat which is about half the amount of product in a normal nail polish but you really don’t need to use a lot of this at all. It looks pink but does in fact apply clear. The product adds a gloss and shine to your nails that is sure to smarten up any manicure and gives them a gel-like effect. This top coat doesn’t feel thick applied over two coats of polish and in my experience does prolong wear.

3. Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder – Translucent – If you had told me that powder would work for my dry skin and make my makeup look better I never would have believed you. I took the plunge and purchased the matching powder to my Rimmel foundation and I have become a convert. I thought this was quite a splurge at $19 considering it’s only a powder but I don’t need to use very much at all and a little goes a long way. I have been applying this all over my face with my Real Techniques Blush brush as it’s big and fluffy and allows me to sweep the powder across my skin. I really do think this does a wonderful job at setting my makeup and holding everything in place. It’s become one of my everyday go to products.

4. DQ & Co. Love Your Skin Balm – This is another product that has taken me by surprise. I got this as a freebie from work and it’s a multipurpose balm that claims to be good for skin, cuts, bites, sun damage and chapped lips to name a few. One thing that intrigued me about this was the claim to help with acne and blemishes. The balm is formulated with Active Manuka Honey and Vitamin A (retinol) to promote healing and minimise scarring. At night I have been applying this balm on my chin and around my nose where I’m prone to breakouts and it has made a big difference. I’m lucky that I don’t get a lot of acne anyway but my skin looks clearer since using this. The skin around my nose can get extremely dry and flaky and that hasn’t been happening either.

5. OPI – Bubblebath – I have barely taken this nail polish off all month and I can fast see it becoming one of my signature colours. Bubblebath is a sheer, neutral, sweet candy pink which gives an almost French manicure look once applied. This polish applies like a dream, lasts for about a week on my nails without chipping and is very much my nails but better! To read more about Bubblebath and see what it looks like on, CLICK HERE.

6. Conor Maynard – ContrastThis album was released in 2012 and I used to listen to it like crazy! I don’t know what got me thinking about it again but I ended up downloading it and have been listening to it all month. I have always thought Conor’s voice is exceptional and very unique. He has this cool R&B/pop vibe to his music which mixed with his tone is proper swoon-worthy, think somewhere between Bieber and Timberlake. His music is sure to appeal to a predominantly female audience but Conor has this cool swagger that makes things feel a bit more grown up. Standout Tracks: Turn Around, Vegas Girl, Better Than You, Pictures and Just In Case.

May’s Spotify Playlist:

This month’s playlist is relatively short in comparison to some of the others I’ve done but things have slowed down a bit on my new music radar. (And I’ve been listening to Contrast all month). This playlist is very male heavy and only features one track by a female artist.


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    • Chanelle says:

      I thought the same but if you get any oil at all that can dry your skin out if you’re not careful. The Rimmel powder is lovely, I sweep a small amount over my whole face and then a bit more on the areas I apply concealer.

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