5 Product Face

5 Product FaceI have been meaning to do this post since sometime in 2015 and I guess I kinda never got to it until now. I don’t know why it took me so long to be honest because I used to be such a minimalist when it came to applying my makeup and I actually found it incredibly easy to select which five products to wear. I wore this look on Saturday. I wasn’t doing anything or going out anywhere but it’s always nice to make an effort.

Note: I applied moisturiser prior to doing my makeup as usual as well as a few sprays of The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Face Mist.

5 Products Face Products#1. Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 010 Light Porcelain

I recently finished up my bottle of Match Perfection in the shade 081 Fair Ivory *sobs* which contained the old formula but I’ve got to say I am impressed with how much I am liking this replacement. It is a similar colour and still has everything going for it which made me fall in love in the first place.

(I recently compared both formulas of Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. CLICK HERE to see how they fared).

#2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer – 1 Fair

This is another base product I have started using recently after finishing up a tube of Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer. As much as I loved Fit Me, I like the coverage and shade of this one better. I do think I preferred the Maybelline doe foot applicator but again, I am very impressed with how much I like this product. This concealer doesn’t emphasise lines or cling to dry patches and I can see why so many beauty bloggers rave about it!

#3. Max Factor Excess Shimmer Eyeshadow – Copper

Ever since I purchased this eyeshadow I have not stopped wearing it! It’s a lovely everyday shade if you’re not sure what to wear and this is great to apply over matte brown/taupe shades for an easy transition from day to night. The whipped formula is so nice to work with and application is literally a few swipes over the eyelids and you’re done.

#4. Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra Flex Mascara

Hands up how many of you guessed this product would be one of my five? – I couldn’t not use my holy grail mascara. Funny story, I featured this tube of mascara in an empties post last November and I’m actually still using the same tube. I purchased a replacement a few weeks ago but I’m too attached to throw it away. I’ve got three mascaras on the go at the moment (I don’t like to have too many) and this is the pick of the bunch. I’ve had it the longest but it works the best – crazy! I will get around to binning this tube soon…

#5. Rimmel Oh My Gloss!  – 150 Glossaholic

This post has no association with Rimmel but this is the third Rimmel product to feature. I am a huge fan of the brand and I truly believe Rimmel is one of the best drugstore brands. I purchased this lipgloss a few months ago and I love wearing it when I want something minimalistic; a hint of pink comes through and gives the lips a beautiful colour. The gloss is not sticky or gloopy at all and lasts a good few hours.

5 Product Face Finished LookThe finished look!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and seeing which five products I chose. Let me know what some of the products you choose would be.


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