NOTW: Bubblebath by OPI

NOTW Bubblebath By OPIHi everyone – happy Monday! April marked the first time I purchased a nail polish in a while and I selected the shade Bubblebath by OPI. I was on the hunt for a sheer, neutral shade that I can wear all the time (literally). I was torn between Essie’s Ballet Slippers and Mademoiselle and Bubblebath. I went for Bubblebath in the end because I have experienced uneven application with my lighter Essie shades (Romper Room and Chillato) and I preferred how Bubblebath looked in the bottle.


OPI describe Bubblebath as a “sweet candy pink” but it’s not too much of a girly shade if you’re not a huge fan of pink. I actually think after a couple of days and as the polish wears it looks more pink than when first applied but it’s still a very pretty colour. The sheer nature of this shade reminds me of a classic French manicure as you can still see the tips of your fingernails through the polish. Bubblebath to me would also be a top contender for a bride looking for the perfect polish for her wedding day. I would be more than happy to wear this shade myself as it’s simple, elegant and understated.


I own a few other OPI polishes and I’ve always been impressed with how they apply – this one is no different! The brush is a good size, it doesn’t get too much product on the bristles and the nail polish covers the nail in three easy strokes. Despite being a sheer polish, Bubblebath doesn’t apply patchy and gives an even coat to the nails. I find two coats of this is perfect for that French manicure, slightly sheer, slightly opaque look. If you like a more opaque look, you might benefit from a third coat.

Finish + Nail Care

The finish of Bubblebath is absolutely beautiful! Not only is it a dream to apply but it adds a healthy, glossy look that enhances your natural nails. Before applying Bubblebath I’ve gotten into the habit of using a 4-way buffer block. I’ve been filing my nails with a separate nail file but  making my nails look tip top by removing any ridges, making them buff and smooth and lastly making them look shiny. I have noticed my nails have been a lot healthier in the past few weeks and I think that has contributed. After I’ve applied two coats of Bubblebath I apply Maybelline’s Dr. Rescue Top Coat and it makes them look even more glossy and shiny – almost like a gel nail polish. Interestingly enough, OPI make Bubblebath in a gel formula as well.

Wearing Bubblebath by OPII hope you enjoyed seeing which nail polish I have been lusting over lately. Bubblebath is all I have been wearing on my nails for the past three-four weeks and it goes with everything. It’s such a beautiful and easy polish to maintain and definitely one to check out if you’re looking for something neutral and easy to wear!


17 thoughts on “NOTW: Bubblebath by OPI

    • Chanelle says:

      The name is so adorable! Oh wow, I love the look you created with it, sparkly and classy! It’s funny I’m not the only one who thinks it’s an appropriate polish for a wedding. Are you going to wear it for yours haha?


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