First Impressions: Skechers Flex Appeal

First Impressions - Skechers Flex AppealHi everyone, hope you had a good weekend! It’s not often you see a first impressions post about a pair of shoes so I’m switching things up a bit and writing one for you. I purchased these shoes over the long Easter weekend and I got a pretty good deal – they were 40% off! I finally had the chance to wear them last weekend and gather my thoughts to share with you.

Skechers Flex AppealSkechers Flex Appeal Side ViewWearing Skechers Flex Appeal

What inspired the purchase?

Trainers to me are one of the comfiest styles of shoes to wear because they are so versatile. You can wear them with casual outfits, to the gym, on long walks or simply running errands. Over the past few years I haven’t needed to wear trainers (except for mowing lawns but I have a cheap pair for that) as I didn’t wear them to school and don’t wear them to work. I got to thinking and came to the conclusion it would be nice to have a proper pair that I could wear on weekends for shopping or hanging out with friends. The weather is cooling down and it’s time to put away the sandals and summer shoes and start thinking about covered in shoes for those rainy days.

Style and Colour

I was drawn to this particular pair as I like how sleek they look. The shoes themselves don’t look heavy and bulky – I like something that is light to wear. The Flex Appeal line comes in a range of colours but I opted for a black and white pair as I think they look really cute and chic and it makes a change from having solid black shoes. My mum actually has a pair of Skechers almost identical to this and instead of white soles hers are multicoloured. All the colours look really cool but I didn’t want to be quite that adventurous. The shoe features a Skech-knit mesh fabric upper and comes with two pairs of laces (black and white) so you can alternate or keep one as a spare.


I purchased these in a US Size 8 and I knew this was the right size as my mum’s pair are the same size. I’ve worn hers before and they fit perfectly. One good thing about Skechers is that they have 1/2 sizes so if you’re between two sizes chances are the 1/2 size will be right one. I like the fit of my trainers to be quite snug so I know they won’t fall off.

Memory Foam

I have always found it somewhat difficult to find comfortable shoes for my feet as when I am standing still my feet are quite wide and when I walk my ankles roll in which is called pronation. Skechers feature an insole made of memory foam which adds to the comfort and makes it feel like you’re walking on air, meaning your feet get less sore over long periods of time. The memory foam moulds to your foot but bounces back as soon as you remove the shoes.


I mentioned earlier I got these for 40% off meaning I paid $77.99 NZD. I don’t buy shoes very often and what I’ve learnt is that in the long run it does pay to spend a bit more and make sure what you’re getting is a good fit and feels comfortable. I know these shoes will get plenty of wear and are so versatile and will go with pretty much anything. Would I pay the full price of $129.99 if they weren’t on sale? Honestly, I’m not sure. I have only worn the shoes once so I’m not ruling out that I wouldn’t but I need to wear the shoes a few more times before I could say.

Overall Verdict

I’d recommend these shoes if you’re in the market for a stylish, reasonably priced pair of trainers. There’s a huge variety of colours and styles and something that would suit everybody. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable to wear; perfect if you’re on the go and for everyday wear. Rating: 9/10.

What was the last pair of shoes you purchased?


25 thoughts on “First Impressions: Skechers Flex Appeal

  1. stashmatters says:

    I have a pair of Sketchers memory foam slip ons – SO comfy! Although I’m not sure about how well they’ll hold up over time. I guess time will tell! I got mine on reduced price too – not sure if I’d pay full price. These are them:

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  2. Karen Rees says:

    Chanelle these look gorgeous!! Like you say, very sleek and stylish but super comfy too! What a winning combination… I just wish they done them in my size *grrrrr* Gorgeous, and hope you enjoy every minute wearing them 🙂 Karen xoxoxo

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  3. Nadine says:

    These look and sound absolutely perfect! They most certainly are very sleek and chic.
    I completely agree that purchasing something which is a bit more pricey is often better in the long-run. There is a saying in Afrikaans which translates to ‘Purchasing inexpensive products leads to spending more money’ since purchasing more affordable products can sometimes mean that you will replace the product more frequently.
    Although it isn’t true for everything you purchase at an affordable price, it certainly is true for many products.
    That memory foam insole sounds dreamy! You have thoroughly convinced me that I should pay a local Sketchers shop a visit sometime. 🙂

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    • Chanelle says:

      Footwear is one area that you shouldn’t cut corners. If you don’t purchase the right shoes, it can be really hard on your feet and cause ongoing problems. I think Skechers are sometimes thought of as being colourful and fun and not serious about comfort and being practical when in fact they are. They might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m more than impressed with my purchase 🙂 x

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  4. Lifestylebites3 says:

    I’m currently own two trainers which are completely white and it looks so lovely but when the weather is wet, it becomes the worst shade to any other as because of the mud and stain. But, black is really perfect for hard wearing conditions, isn’t?

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  5. adeleinglasses says:

    Ooh love the choice! I owned a pair of Sketchers years and years ago but I remember them being super comfy! Yours, however, are much more stylish! I love the colour and the idea of being able to switch up the laces. I just bought some new shoes today, perhaps I’ll write a post about those too. 😉

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