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The Beauty Blogger TagHi everyone, I’ve got another tag post for you today! The lovely Sangeetha from Lifestyle Bites tagged me to do The Beauty Blogger Tag recently and today I’m answering the questions she gave me.

1. What is your key point for a successful blog?

Hard work and determination will always get you far. Also, take time to reply to comments even if it’s just a simple thank you.

2. What is your current favourite Spring makeup look?

It’s currently autumn in my part of the world but I think for spring you can’t go wrong with a light pink, shimmery eye and a bright pink lip. Actually, I love a pink lip all year round!

3. Name three branded lipsticks from your collection.

I’ll go for the three brands I own the most of: MAC, Rimmel and Revlon.

4. Do you use toner regularly and how often?

No. I’ve read mixed reviews about using toner.

5. Do you have any travel wish lists for this year?

Obviously to go to England, but that’s the same as any year! 😛

6. What are your tips on getting a pro-styled smokey eye look?

I’m still trying to master a smokey eye look myself. I think having pale skin you have to be careful and not use too much grey/black as it can look like you’ve got a bruised eye. Adding some brown into the mix warms things up a little.

7. How frequently do you clean your makeup brushes?

I aim to clean my brushes every two weeks.

8. Are you a blush or a bronzer person?

Up until recently I would have said neither. If I could only pick one to wear I would choose blush because it’s easier to find tones to suit pale skin. Blush seems harder to mess up than bronzer, you can always go over your cheeks with your foundation brush to cover up any mishaps but if you do that with bronzer you could end up looking more orange.

9. What is your take on using natural skincare products in your beauty regime?

Honestly, I don’t use any but if you do and you like using them then that’s cool.

10. What are your social media handles?

Twitter: @chanellehayley_



I really enjoyed answering these questions and I’ve nominated seven lovely bloggers to take part in this tag if they wish to do so! Check the list below to see if you’ve been nominated and what your questions are.


My Questions:

  1. Favourite drugstore and high-end brand?
  2. What’s your favourite makeup tool?
  3. Nude lip or bold lip? Why?
  4. Favourite way to relax when you’re not blogging?
  5. Worst makeup item you’ve ever tried?
  6. Why did you start your blog?
  7. What does beauty mean to you?
  8. What part of your makeup routine do you spend the most time on?
  9. Name something on your beauty wishlist.
  10. What’s the most expensive makeup item in your collection?


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