Inside My Blog Planner

Inside My Blog Planner!It’s crazy to think when I first started my blog two years ago I had absolutely no posting schedule whatsoever and would write posts as and when I felt like it. I started getting into a regular schedule in May 2015 after starting my job and knowing I wasn’t going to have as much free time as I previously did. I made the choice to post three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday as I find my blog is busier during the week and it means I can use weekends to construct posts for the coming week.

It wasn’t until late last year I thought I need some way to keep track of what I’m posting and when so I don’t get confused and ramble on about something that’s already been posted on the blog… twice. I came up with the idea to use an Excel spreadsheet as when I’m typing it’s always handy to have a calendar near for dates and future reference.

Excel Blog Schedule

Click image to enlarge.

I start off by heading up each month and highlighting it blue then I have two columns: one for the publishing date and another for the title of the post. Once the post has been published I highlight that cell red as you can see in the image above. I find this system really helps you see everything at a glance and it’s surprising how quickly each month fills up! Seeing the dates in a list also makes you more aware of holidays and breaks or time away and how you can fit posts in around those.

Over the past couple of weeks I also decided it would be useful to have a handwritten copy of my blog schedule in case something happens to my laptop and I can’t get to it. I have turned an A4 notebook into a blog planner and use one page as one week. I chose my ‘Nice Melons’ notebook from Typo because the cover always makes me laugh and insinuates something a bit cheeky which is actually the reason I bought it!

Complete Week in Blog PlannerUsing strips of washi tape I divide the page into three sections (one for each post) and begin to fill them in. I head up with the date and each of my posting days in an assigned colour. I then jot down the title of each post and write a mini checklist of the key things I need to do before the post is published e.g. take photographs of certain items or schedule the post. I draw a little box beside each task and once it is complete it gets marked off. I have also included a place to record my weekly number of views so I can monitor the traffic of my blog and see which posts readers liked and were popular. At the back of the notebook I plan to create a list of potential post ideas which I can add to and cross off from as needed.

Blog Planner KeyMy blog planner key so I don’t forget what each colour is for.

So, there you have it, an insight into my blog planner! If you’d like me to go over or clarify anything don’t hesitate to ask. I enjoy posts like this as they inspire you and give you ideas to adapt and come up with your own system. If you think my system is easy to understand and you’d like to implement any part of it, go ahead! I’d love to know if this post helped you and how you plan your blog posts.



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