Let’s Talk, Bras!

Let's Talk, Bras!Hi everyone! I was inspired to write this post after a recent experience I had bra shopping. If you read my previous post, Weekend Beauty Haul, you’ll know I picked up a new bra and it was the first time I’d been bra shopping in a looong time. Bras are part of our everyday lives but for many of us it’s hard to find ones worth investing in and ones that suit and flatter our shape.

Despite being short and quite small my chest has always been on the larger side. Realistically I don’t know where I fall on the spectrum size wise, whether I’m considered small, large or in the middle but I’ve always been happy with the size I am. I’ve never felt unhappy and like I needed to change anything. I’m sure there are women out there with smaller chests who wish theirs were bigger and vice versa but I’m a happy medium. I’m curvy and it’s all part of growing up and being a woman.

The hard part is when it comes to buying bras and figuring out what size you are. You could be completely different sizes from one brand to the next and there are so many cuts and styles it’s hard to know what’s right for you. I think you just have to do your research, read up about the different styles and next time you’re out looking, grab a few options to try on. That way you know what you like and what you don’t. Personally I’ve never been measured but lots of places offer the service for free. There are also plenty of guides online to assist with where to measure and how to measure. You could even enlist your friend (or partner) to help!

One of the biggest problems I have had in the past is bra straps falling down. I don’t know whether it’s because the bras I’ve had have had wide-set straps, my shoulders aren’t broad enough or I’m just wearing the wrong size. The bra I purchased at the weekend is the first one where I haven’t had to adjust the straps 20 times a day. I did go up a cup size which might have something to do with it!

Another issue I’ve found is the selection of bras isn’t always appropriate for my age. There seem to be bras for more mature ladies and the rest are all sexy, skimpy and not appropriate for work and daytime wear. I’m a 21 year old, I don’t want plain, shapeless bras or lace cups with ribbons and diamonds on the cleavage. I want something with a bit of vibrancy, colour and classic but not boring. There are plenty of bras that are pretty but a lot of them either look flimsy or aren’t practical.

I’m still not entirely convinced I’m on the right track bra-wise but maybe one day I’ll pluck up the courage to get myself measured. Until then I’ll keep searching, fidgeting with bra straps and trying to figure out what size I am in the quest to find the perfect bra. Does it exist? I sure hope so!

Let me know if you’ve experienced any of these problems or problems of your own.


10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk, Bras!

  1. thoughtsandthings1 says:

    My friend works at boux avenue and so me and my friends all end up getting half off mostly. Even at boux though, some of the bras are nice but some are completely tacky. If I end up buying one I really like I tend to get it in every colour! Perils of being a girl eh xx

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  2. driftinglexi says:

    If you don’t feel comfortable having someone measure you, measure yourself, that’s what I did. I actually found that the size the “professionals” said I was, was a bit different to how I measured myself and the measurement I got turned out to be more accurate as I’ve never had a bra that fit better!

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  3. Cat Forsley says:

    i know bras xxxxx
    i am small shouldered too
    tighten the straps a bit more then u would normally
    see if that makes a diff
    also i find that the way we hold our shoulders makes a diff
    i used to be kinda slouchy
    then i kinda did this excersize where u squeeze ur shoulder blades together
    like for a min
    3x a day
    my straps don’t fall down anymore
    i dunno if that helps xoxox
    Love xx

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  4. stashmatters says:

    I was shocked to learn last year that I’d been wearing a band too large and a cup too small for myself for YEARS. I went down in band size and up in cup size and everything FITS better. I’m with you – it’s really challenging to find styling that’s nice but comfortable. I dislike the lacy stuff because it means you can see the texture underneath t-shirts. But I also don’t want some military looking contraption! I’ve had better luck at Victoria Secret, Change and most recently at Ck.

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