The Me Spree: Birthday Edition

The Me Spree: Birthday EditionHey there! In my New In: January post I mentioned I had plenty of bits and bobs I’d picked up throughout the month to share with you and most of them actually feature in this post. Mum and I went away for a few days at the end of January to celebrate our birthdays and I did a fair bit of shopping. I am still coming to grips with everything I bought and trying to find places for some of it.

Just a quick note, not all the images in this post are mine. Due to the sheer number of items, I only photographed items I couldn’t find images of online.

Me Spree Birthday Edition Buys1. The Body Shop Golden Glimmer Sparkler | Who doesn’t need glitter in a spray bottle?! These were part of The Body Shop’s Christmas 2015 range and I can’t believe I didn’t know about these until a friend told me three weeks ago. 2. Cotton On Anna High Neck Tee | I saw a top similar to this online and fell in love with it. I love how it’s fitted but still accentuates curves. The sleeve length is lovely. 3. Forever New Joan Laser Pouch Case | This little pouch instantly screamed glam to me! It is a lilac/nude colour with silver diamante detailing and I thought this would be good for those days where you want to bring the essentials with you but don’t need a handbag. 4. Wire Storage Basket – Copper | I don’t know what I’m going to use this basket for yet but there are loads of possibilities. It was too cute not to buy!

5. Dotti Piece of Art Tee | I don’t have a lot of printed clothing in my wardrobe but the colours on this top work and I really like the print. It’s different and the material is so light, it’s perfect for summer. 6. kikki.K 3 Piece Bowl Set | I picked up this set of ceramic bowls on sale and I thought they would be good for keeping jewellery and little bits in. The bowls are part kikki.K’s Be Brave collection. 7. kikki.K CD Storage Box | kikki.K make a range of different sized boxes for storage and photos and they come in different colours. I chose this white glossy box to keep all my craft goodies together. 8. kikki.K Glitter Tape 2M | I am partial to sparkle so I needed this glitter tape in my life!

9. Typo Pastel Aztec Pencil Case | How well does this match the Dotti Piece of Art Tee?! I have always had a slight obsession with pencil cases and the pink, pretty print and gold suckered me in. 10. Typo A5 Spinout Notebook | I have spoken before about my love for these notebooks and when I see a cover I like I try to pick one up. I really like the message and colours on this notebook and hope to use it as a blog planner. 11. Pagani Basic Tee | As soon as I walked into the store I spotted this tee and the blush with black looked absolutely beautiful. I tried this on and ended up buying a couple of sizes smaller than I’m used to. 12. Rubi Jodi Sneakers Black Glitter | I didn’t realise glittery sneakers were a thing but I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. These were only $10 so even if they don’t last that long, I’m not fussed.Me Spree Birthday Buys

13. Dotti Pom Pom Keyring | I have been looking for one of these pom poms for a while now and finally found one I’m happy with. I knew I wanted a light colour to contrast with my black handbag and I wanted it to look ‘right’. A lot of other ones I saw didn’t look symmetrically round and the fur felt cheap. This one doesn’t have real fur but it feels soft and is much nicer than others I’ve seen. 14. TEMT Singlets 2 For $10 | Singlets are always good for summer and underneath other tops for layering. 15. TEMT Tops 2 For $20 | I chose a white sheer sleeveless blouse and a navy strappy top with gorgeous back detail.

16. Typo Write Away Multi Pen Pack | As a blogger and stationery enthusiast you can never have enough pens! This pack features six metallic colours: green, gold, silver, pink, blue and copper. 17. Lovisa Rose Gold Ring | I am a huge fan of rose gold and it was my mum who spotted this ring and told me to buy it – such an enabler! 18. kikki.K Cute Notebook Elastic | These elastics are pen holders for notebooks and come in two sizes, small and large. I bought the A5 size as most notebooks I own are smaller rather than larger.

TEMT Navy TopBack detailing on navy top.

I also got two MAC products which I decided not to include in this post. If you want to read about them check out last week’s post, New MAC Products. The patentpolish lip pencil was a gift from my brother and I purchased the lipstick myself.

So, that’s everything! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I’ve been doing to my bank balance and if you have any questions or want to know more, leave a comment below!


11 thoughts on “The Me Spree: Birthday Edition

  1. adeleinglasses says:

    I would pick up everything that you have listed in this post, I guess that you must have fabulous taste. 😛 Seriously – beauty, fashion, homeware, crafts and stationary – you’re speaking my language. I must admit that the glitter sneakers really stand out, I’ve gotten back into wearing my sneakers recently and I know that I’ll wear them even more in the summer but I don’t own any like this – and “I’m partial to sparkle” too!

    Liked by 1 person

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