Happy New Year + Blog Updates

Happy New YearHappy New Year readers! How did you bring 2016 in? Were you partying the night away, sipping on champagne or perhaps tucked up at home like I was? However you celebrated be sure to let us know in the comments!

2015 was my first full year blogging and I can’t really justify saying it was my best year yet (although it was stats and numbers wise) but if it’s a sign of what’s to come this year I’m really excited! I like routine and having everything planned out but occasionally I like to switch things up and feel like a change.

Hey It’s Okay…

I’m always thinking of ways to improve my blog and potential segments I could write. While I adore beauty and writing about it, I also enjoy reading more personal posts and I’ve come up with a way to incorporate that for the next year. I will be running a monthly segment, Hey It’s Okay… which will talk about “issues” and things that shape me and my personality ranging from insecurities to life decisions I have made. I don’t want to spoil it by revealing too much but the first post in the series will be up on January 11th and you will get the gist once you see it. I aim to post Hey It’s Okay… towards the beginning of the month and I hope you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Meet the Blogger – Should It Stay?

Without a doubt, my ‘Meet the Blogger’ posts are some of the most successful but for the past few months I’ve been undecided if I want to continue doing them. It’s not that I don’t want to or don’t enjoy them but I feel like I wouldn’t be doing them for the right reasons. There’s been occasions where people want to get their name out there and you have no clue who they are. They have never visited your blog and it feels like you’re doing them a favour by featuring them. I can genuinely say 99.9% of bloggers I have featured I follow. If I don’t ‘know’ the blogger being interviewed to me that’s not honest and I don’t think it’s fair just for the sake of having a post. When I first started the segment I wanted people to find and connect with other bloggers and it has done that so please don’t think I’m being negative or bitchy. You sometimes get to a point where you have to stop giving and I feel like I’m at that point. What do you think, do you want ‘Meet the Blogger’ to stay?

Posting Schedule

Following on from that, if I didn’t do ‘Meet the Blogger’ anymore would you rather I went down to two posts a week and changed the days or still posted three days a week? Please do let me know your preferences for days and times as I want you to be able to read when it suits you.

I’d love to hear any other thoughts or suggestions you may have in the comments below, don’t be shy!


17 thoughts on “Happy New Year + Blog Updates

  1. adeleinglasses says:

    I love the sound of the “Hey It’s Okay…” segment, I really enjoy reading more personal posts from bloggers, if they wish to share them. I agree that the “Meet the Blogger” section should only be kept if it’s for the right reasons, you’ve been running it for a while now and it’s really kind of you to do it (thanks again for featuring me)! I’d still like to read as many posts as you feel you can produce, as I enjoy stopping by and having a few to read 🙂

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    • Chanelle says:

      I’ve pretty much got the next month planned post wise so if Meet the Blogger stays it probably wouldn’t be back until late Feb/early March. So far the reception towards Hey It’s Okay had been really positive 🙂 I think it’s so kind you leave comments on the posts you haven’t caught up on, really makes my day knowing you’re such a dedicated reader! Xx

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      • adeleinglasses says:

        I always enjoy spending a night catching up on my favourite blogs, sometimes my schedule can get busy with freelancing/managing my own blog and I fall a bit behind but I’ll always catch up! I’d love to have a better blogging schedule myself but I’ve been finding that difficult with the nature of my work but we’ll see! xx

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  2. Claire says:

    Meet The Blogger is a great segment but if you aren’t feeling 100% with it anymore, you shouldn’t feel forced to do it. You could maybe cut the posts down to once every couple of months maybe if it is still quite popular?
    I’m looking forward to reading your Hey It’s Okay posts and am sure they will be great to read!
    Claire xxx

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