Meet the Blogger – Morgan

MorganHello, lovelies!

I’m Morgan @ “The Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student”,  a British lifestyle and creative blogger with a love for all things books, beauty and geek. On top of that, I’m a super keen photographer, a software developer, and a cat lady. Nice to meet you!

1. When did you begin blogging?

I started my blog in early August this year but I feel like I’ve been blogging for years! My blog is my safe place where I can share the huge variety of thoughts and ideas my brain produces – it’s chaos up in my mind, I have too many hobbies! I’ve learnt so much and met so many lovely bloggers already though. I can’t wait to see how my blog progresses throughout 2016, because I have so many plans for its’ future 🙂

2. How did you decide on a name for your blog?

It took me absolutely ages, and I’m still not completely happy with it. I wanted it to be memorable, relevant and something that summed me up quite simply. I think I managed that! Even though studying English and the arts was always my priority throughout school and college, computer science was the right path for me in the end.

3. What inspired you to start your blog?

Too much to say, nowhere to say it! I have so much to share with everyone, so many ideas on a huge variety of topics, that I realised creating a blog had to be the answer 🙂 I love finding inspiration from lovely blogs too – pretty posts, geeky posts, thought-provoking posts, ideas, books, advice… the list is endless. As well as writing, I have a big passion for photography and I think my combination of both written and photography posts keeps my blog fresh and stops it becoming repetitive!

4. What is your favourite thing about running a blog?

There are so many things I love! The routine (because I’m really organised), the opportunity to share my thoughts and photos, the lovely people I get to talk to daily, the diverse blogs I get to read… the list could go on and on, I love it.

5. What are your must read blogs?

I follow so many wonderful blogs that I couldn’t narrow it down. You should check out all my regular readers and “likers” – my blog family!

6. What do you want to achieve with your blog?

I would love to finally kick-start my blog diary, to help me organise and schedule. I’m perfectly happy with my content, but there’s nothing nicer than a bit of organisation 🙂

7. What advice do you have for new bloggers? Tips, pointers etc.

Write what you want to write, share what you want to share. It’s your blog, and you will earn more respect using your own words than by copying the words of others.

Don’t forget to engage with your readers. Take time to comment back to everyone who comments – they took their time, you should too!

Good quality photographs make such a difference to the quality of your blog! Think about investing in a new camera, and try to take all of your blog photographs in natural light.

8. What keeps you blogging?

It’s become a big part of my life! It’s too much fun to give it up 🙂

Quick fire questions:

9. What was the last song you downloaded or bought?

I haven’t downloaded or bought music in years! I listen to all my favourites from iTunes – they haven’t changed in about a decade. If I fancy something new or different, Spotify to the rescue!

10. If you could invite any three celebrity guests or famous people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Such a hard question! I’d love to meet so many, but I’m going to go with: Bill Gates, Ada Lovelace and Vincent Van Gogh. 🙂

11. Favourite colour?

Light green! Like the colour of my blog.

12. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I have many pleasures but I’m (embarrassingly) not guilty about any of them. I’m a proud person, and I’ve finally grown out of worrying what other people think.

13. Finish this sentence. I wish…

…The world wasn’t so full of evil.

14. Where else can readers find you online?

15. Lastly, is there anything extra you’d like to mention you haven’t already?

I’d like to thank Chanelle for featuring me on her blog, and a big fat sorry for taking so long to get around to doing so! I’ve enjoyed answering the questions, and I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Thank you Morgan. If anyone else would like to be featured on Chanelle Hayley in the ‘Meet the Blogger’ section, please contact

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