The Fuchsia Face-Off

The Fuchsia Face-OffHappy Monday beauty babes! I recently revealed in my Beauty Wishlist post that fuchsia is my favourite shade of lipstick to wear. I love pink and I love bright so for me fuchsia is a no brainer! Today I will be showcasing the two fuchsia lipsticks in my collection and playing a little guessing game with you all. Will you be able to guess which lipstick is which from the swatches and images of me wearing them?!

First a rundown on each lipstick:

In the pink corner we have Fuchsia Surprise by BYS. (BYS stands for Be Your Self and is an Australian company). In the other pink corner we have one of Revlon’s lip butters, Lollipop. Fuchsia Surprise was one of my first ever lipstick purchases, if not the first, whilst Lollipop is quite a new addition to my makeup bag.

Fuchsia Swatches

Fuchsia Lipsticks


Both of these lipsticks aim to provide a silky smooth texture and be soft and moisturising on the lips, which they are. Lollipop has a glossier formula than Fuchsia Surprise.


Both lipsticks are so soft and creamy and glide on without dragging over the lips whatsoever. It’s important to be mindful to keep these out of the sun though, you don’t want them to melt.


If you’re looking for a subtle hint of colour or a more natural look, steer clear of these shades. These both go on pretty much opaque after one coat but I normally build that up to two or three thin coats. One of these lip products is sheerer than the other but I won’t reveal which until later as I don’t want to give the game away.


I remember Fuchsia Surprise costing me $6 which is incredible value for the quality you get. Lollipop was around the same price, I think it cost me $8.


The BYS lipstick has basic packaging, it comes in a clear, plastic case, has a label etc. One thing I do like about it though is it has the name of the shade and the range the shade is from on the base of the lipstick. (Fuchsia Surprise is from the longwear range). I do find the packaging of Lollipop more exciting, I absolutely love the quilted lid.

Staying Power

The staying power of Lollipop is decent and will last me a day at work but compared to Fuchsia Surprise there is no contest! I wore Fuchsia Surprise to a friend’s party last year and when I got home the next day my lips still looked perfect.

Overall Winner

Without a doubt my overall winner has to be Fuchsia Surprise. This shade is so gorgeous and it is my favourite lipstick of all time! I’ve made a habit of wearing it on my birthday for the past couple of years because I just feel so darn good when I wear it. This colour instantly puts me in a better mood and the formula is so creamy and long-lasting.

Now you know my favourite of the two, it’s time for me to reveal which is Fuchsia Surprise and which is Lollipop.





Fuchsia Surprise is the top swatch and the top two images of my lips. Lollipop is the bottom, sheerer swatch and the bottom two images of my lips.

Did you guess correctly? Let me know what your favourite fuchsia lipstick is down in the comments!


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