My Beauty Wishlist

My Beauty Wishlist

1. Maybelline The Nudes Palette

I went through a phase where I didn’t wear eyeshadow for a little while but since starting my job back in May I’ve come to love mixing and matching shadows and pairing looks with lip colours. I first saw this palette in a magazine and I love how you can create your own looks or follow the tutorials on the back of the palette. I very much consider myself a novice with makeup, I know what everything does and what tones suit me but when it comes to application I can get a little confused. The shades in this palette are all lovely and very versatile to create day and night looks.

I actually purchased this palette last Monday and have a First Impressions post coming up this Friday! I still wanted to include it on my wishlist as prior to purchasing, I was looking at doing so for a few months.

2. MAC – All Fired Up

I first mentioned lusting after this shade during my Ask Me Anything: The Answers! post. It’s earned it’s place on my wishlist because of the colour; bright fuchsia red. Most ladies are all about rocking a red lip (and while I love them) my favourite shade to wear is fuschia. This is not your normal fuschia with blue undertones but a nice way to add a pop of red without being so bold. All Fired Up has a retro matte formula which could be drying on the lips but it’s nothing lipbalm won’t fix.

3. Real Techniques Shading Brush

Currently I don’t own any proper makeup brushes whatsoever. While I get by with those little applicators that come with eyeshadow (I really don’t think they’re as bad as everyone makes out) I’m ready to purchase a brush specifically designed for applying eyeshadow. I have seen so many beauty bloggers rave about the Real Techniques brushes and I’ve had my eye on this and a few of their other brushes for a while. I know Real Techniques have a Starter Set with five different eye brushes but I thought the shading brush on it’s own would be a good start for me.

I definitely want to purchase an eye brush and I’ve also spotted the 200 Oval Shadow Brush from the Bold Metals collection. If anyone has any feedback on both brushes and can tell me which they prefer it would be greatly appreciated!

4. Real Techniques Blush Brush

This is where things start to get a little Real Techniques heavy. I have seen and felt this brush in store and I can confirm they are just as fluffy as everyone says. A lot of people also say they find this brush quite large for blush but I don’t apply a huge amount and want a brush to help get an even sweep over my cheeks which I think the tapered bristles will do. I imagine this brush would also be good for powder so if you find it too big for blush you could use it for that instead.

5. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

While I have no problem using my fingers to apply my foundation, I have been looking at picking this brush up to see if it makes my makeup look more flawless. What attracted me to this brush rather than the Foundation Brush was the fact the bristles have the same shape and are all the same length. The head still looks small enough so that it will fit under the eyes and around the nose comfortably. The bristles also look slightly more dense which will help to pick up more product and distribute it around the face better.

6. Bag Pom Pom

These bag charms are so cute and are the perfect accessory to instantly make your bag look more luxurious and chic! I haven’t seen these in shops yet and don’t know anywhere selling them but when I find out I’ll be sure to pick one up.

What do you think of the items on my wishlist? Do you own any of them?


33 thoughts on “My Beauty Wishlist

  1. Rachael | helplesswhilstdrying says:

    Maybelline recently sent me the nudes palette and it’s really nice, some of the darker colours in it are a little chalky but on the whole it’s a really good little palette! I’ve had that real techniques brush for about 2 years and it washes and cleans fine – I don’t own that specific one from the bold metals, but I do think on those you’re paying for packaging. Personally I would buy the Lamora eye brush kit from Amazon if you can get it, for me they’re no different to real techniques and you get pretty much everything you need + it’s as much as one RT brush, I posted a review of the kit here 🙂

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    • Chanelle says:

      Glad to hear you’ve been enjoying The Nudes palette! I’ve only found the black shade to be chalky so far lol, but I don’t wear black very often so no dramas. Thank you for that recommendation, I will definitely take a look at the link you posted 🙂

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  2. tamiramichelle says:

    Hey girl great wishlist! 😁💗 if you liked that maybelline nudes palette i suggest you check out the L’Oreal NUDE 1 palette, it is affordable and has great quality shadows as well. Very silky and pigmented, i highly reccomend it. The colors are pretty similar but i feel the formula is a bit nicer 😋

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  3. Karen Rees says:

    Gorgeous wish list huni – that MAC lippy is just divine!!! On my wishlist too, then so is many many others lol I’d love one of those little pom poms too – they’re super cute 😀

    Ps; You’ll love the RT Blush Brush, it’s fantastic!!! XXX

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  4. karmabeauty87 says:

    Real Techniques brushes are great. I use the multi task pink brush for my blusher and it’s perfect for me and I use the base eyeshadow brush and the domed shadow brush for my eyeshadow. Those are in the starter set but if you get amazon where your are I got it cheaply on there as they put it on one of their daily deal things! Once you use a brush you will not go back! I hope you find something!

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  5. karmabeauty87 says:

    Me again. If you want recommendations I think you should get the Real Techniques travel essentials kit. The domed shadow brush I mentioned above is actually from that as I just checked for you. It also has the multi task brush in it that I mentioned. You then have a foundation brush in it as well. I love the three of them. X

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