Revlon Lip Butters

Revlon Lip ButtersHi everyone! I’ve been meaning to talk about these Revlon Lip Butters for over a month now but in all honesty I’ve just been lazy and took a while to get round to the photography side of things. Being busy and bad weather meant the post kept getting put off but I’m glad I can finally get this one out there and tick it off my list! (Yes, I do have an actual list!)

I’m not even sure how I came about the Lip Butters but I was three months too late to jump on the bandwagon as New Zealand stopped selling them in March 2015. I had definitely seen the lip butters in shops before but hadn’t taken much notice. Alas, I got the idea in my head that I needed (wanted) them and turned to the internet. The Boots website was particularly helpful, it lists most of the shades available and you get a preview of what they look like.

Lip Butter ShadesI finally settled on the shades I wanted to try; Tutti Frutti (orange), Wild Watermelon (coral pink/red), Raspberry Pie (dark berry pinky red) and Lollipop (fuchsia). I wanted to experiment with colour which is why I chose Tutti Frutti and Wild Watermelon, I don’t have any oranges or corals in my collection as I tend to lean more towards pinks and berry shades. I already own a fuchsia lipstick, but Lollipop is slightly different and has hints of blue micro-shimmer.


Lip Butter Swatches Top to Bottom: Tutti Frutti, Wild Watermelon, Lollipop and Raspberry Pie.

Lip Butter SwatchesTop to Bottom: Tutti Frutti, Wild Watermelon, Lollipop and Raspberry Pie.

Pigmentation. When I first saw swatches and read descriptions about the lip butters they came across a lot more sheer than I believe they are. Maybe it’s just me but I find these to be incredibly pigmented. Of the four shades I purchased, Wild Watermelon is the sheerest and takes the longest to build up if that’s how you want to wear it. I like quite bold lips but if you’re looking for something that’s easy to apply, not drying and good colour payoff these are perfect!

Formula and Application. As the name suggests the formula is like butter. The first few times I wore these they weren’t very creamy but as with any lipstick it takes a few goes to break them in. I also saw online that because these are so creamy they can melt, so I need to make sure I keep them somewhere safe in summer.

Packaging. I love the quilted packaging and that each lip butter comes in a plastic case matching it’s shade. The top of each case has a clear window so if these are in a stand you can easily see which shade is which. The case clicks down so you know the lid is on tight and won’t come off. I haven’t had any problems with the winding mechanism either.

Overall Verdict. I am super pleased I purchased these lip butters! They have been getting a lot of wear the past couple of months and the lasting power is not too shabby. They are the perfect hybrid between a lipstick and a lipgloss without having the stickiness a lot of glosses have. If you don’t like scented lip products, you’re in luck as the lip butters have no scent whatsoever. If you have the opportunity to get your hands on any of these, definitely don’t pass it up!

Which shade is your favourite?


27 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butters

  1. Anne says:

    Great colors. I love Raspberry pie, but than I am a bit biased because I own that one πŸ™‚
    My other favorite is Berry Smoothie, thanks for reminding me I have to dig that out of a drawer for autumn πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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