I’m Back! Pt.2

I'm Back!Whilst I was on my break I came up with the idea to do this ‘I’m Back’ post in two parts. I posted Part One on Monday explaining my reasons behind the break, and this part, part two discusses my presence on social media.

Before I get started I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and support after Monday’s post – it means the world to be welcomed back with such kindness. ❤

Twitter and Pinterest

When I announced my break I briefly mentioned joining Pinterest and setting up a blog Twitter account. I decided not to set up a blog Twitter account as @ChanelleTheSats is what everyone knows me as and I’ve built my followers up over the years. I’m also pretty attached to my username (which comes from my love for The Saturdays) and it would be funny being tweeted @ something different.

I did however join Pinterest and I’ve got to say I’m loving it! At first I thought it would be mega confusing but now I’m a total convert! It’s so easy to set up and use and I like how pins from topics you follow/like automatically show up on your homepage as well as having the option to search for them. I’m a typical girly girl so I’ve created makeup, nails and fashion boards as well as ones for a few of my other favourite things. Be sure to pop on over and have a browse!

Feel free to leave your link in the comments below and if you’d like to follow me you can do so HERE*.

*(I’ve also included a social icon that links to my Pinterest account in the sidebar).


On Thursday morning I posted on my personal Facebook page about my blog and Twitter account for the first time. I think part of me was scared to share my blog with people I know in real life because I thought they’d think it was stupid or wouldn’t understand my reasons for starting it in the first place. I finally decided to stop stressing and let how other people might feel control how I was thinking. I’m so proud of this blog and I’ve had such amazing interactions on Twitter with my favourite celebrities and people I’ve come to know because of it. I don’t feel like I have to keep this part of me a secret anymore, I do it for my enjoyment and too bad what other people think!

This is positive Chanelle and she’s here to stay! (I hope).


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