Pamper Session

Pamper SessionHi everyone! How’s your week been?

Last weekend I took it upon myself to have a much needed ‘pamper session’ after getting over my dreadful cold. I had a lovely time primping and preening and I thought I’d share what I got up to.

1. Eyebrows

I started with plucking my eyebrows. They’ve been pretty good lately but there were a few stray hairs that needed taming. I don’t find plucking eyebrows as painful as I used to. A good tip is to do it straight after a bath or a shower as the skin is warmed up and the hair follicles are open. I used to do mine after a shower but if I don’t have time it’s just as easy to do them whenever I need to.

2. Hair

Next I had a shower and for some reason I enjoyed that shower. Normally I see showering as just another mindless task and something I have to do but something about that one was relaxing and didn’t feel like so much of a chore. At the moment I’m using Sunsilk Damaged Hair Reconstruction shampoo (which smells divine) and Sunsilk Perfect Straight conditioner. I was using matching shampoo and conditioner but ran out and I like to change my shampoo + conditioner up regularly so my hair doesn’t become too accustomed to the same product. For the past few months I have been using only shampoo on the top of my head and only conditioner on the length of my hair – it makes hair less greasy. It also means you go through less product.

3. Face

Before I delve into the next part of my pamper session I should mention that we recently got a new range of skincare products at work and I was fortunate enough to bring some home and try them out. I loved the look of the mud mask so I bought that home along with an After Mud moisturiser. I’ve never done a face mask before, let alone a mud mask but my first experience didn’t go too badly. The product had a pleasant smell (not mud luckily) but I found it hard to apply an even layer to my face. Some parts were more covered than others. (I had planned on sharing a picture but I wasn’t brave enough to upload one). The mask however did feel very nice on and was easy to wash off. I noticed how smooth my skin was instantly after removing it. I don’t think I would end up buying the product myself but it was fun to try something new. I would seriously consider looking at finding a face mask to apply on a regular basis though.

4. Nails

The final part of my pamper-thon involved me doing my nails! Painting my nails is something I really enjoy and I think my nails look nicer when they’re painted. I went for a bright, girly pink from called Bubblegum from Revlon’s scented range. The smell is closer to watermelon but the promise of a colour that pops certainly delivers. The formula of these polishes are silky smooth and I’m a fan of the thin brush. My nails and hands are quite small so a thinner brush helps to minimise mistakes.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post and do let me know what you like to do to pamper yourself!


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