One Year Blogversary!

One Year Blogversary!Hey everyone – can you believe I almost forgot to write this post?! Exactly one year ago today (June 15th 2014) I started this blog and wrote my first post. Time has passed so quickly and it doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging properly for a year.

I just wanted to write this post and take time to thank all of you who have visited my blog and keep coming back. I’m sure you all know how much I enjoy chatting with you and getting to know you better. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful blogging friends I’ve made and anyone who takes the time to comment. This blog would be nothing without the readers.

It’s amazing to think back to my very first posts and how much I have learnt since I started. Over the past 12 months I feel like I’ve found my voice and topics I enjoy writing about. I am extremely proud for keeping up with this blog and the commitment I have made to it. When I started Chanelle Hayley I had no idea what to expect and in some ways that’s the best mindset. I didn’t put pressure on myself, set crazy follower targets or push my blog on anyone. Everything I’ve achieved has been organic and through hard work and determination. (Cheesy, but true!)

I know today’s post is a short one but I simply wanted to say thank you and let you know how much your kind words and support mean to me. I’ve become a lot more confident blogging wise as well as personally and I know that if I’ve had a bad day, chances are there’s a lovely comment waiting to be read and replied to.

Thank you once again, big hugs to you all! Here’s to the next 12 months!!! ❤


22 thoughts on “One Year Blogversary!

  1. Kaily says:

    Yayyyyyyyy! Congrats on the blog b-day! I totally, totally forgot mine. Can’t remember the date for the life of me…….. oh well, I’m happy you can celebrate yours 🙂

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