My Jewellery and Me

My Jewellery and MeHey lovelies!

I’m super excited to share this post with you! I was recently inspired by a company called Invaluable. They wanted to know more about my jewellery; my favourite pieces, any stories behind them etc. This is also my first collaboration which makes it even more exciting!!!

If you’re unaware of what Invaluable does, they are the world’s premiere online auction marketplace. Their website features a range of items for sale including art, antiques, collectibles and jewellery, of course. Check out the current jewellery items up for auction and perhaps nab a piece of your own!

I don’t have a lot of jewellery and don’t wear it all that often but the pieces I do have I love and some of them are gifts so they’re even more special. With my jewellery I like it to be simple and elegant to suit my small features. That being said I love people who can effortlessly rock any accessory, no matter what the size.

NecklacesI only own three necklaces but they’re equally as beautiful as each other. The necklace with the snowflake pendant I received as a Christmas gift from my mum – the snowflake is sooo sparkly!

The other two necklaces are made by By Gioia, a company that manufactures jewellery for various artists and bands. These are both from The Saturdays line (launched in 2010) and they cost me £1 each. I only managed to get my hands on these necklaces last year as shipping to New Zealand wasn’t an option before that. I’m so glad I did though, because they glam up any outfit and if I hadn’t had to wait so long I probably wouldn’t have got them for £1.

BraceletsWhen it comes to bracelets it’s incredibly hard for me to find something that fits correctly and looks right. My wrists are freakishly small and I have to double loop the clasps to wear them. A jeweler suggested getting links taken out but that can be costly and if the size of my wrist changes it won’t be as easy to add links back in.

The top bracelet was another present my mum bought me, this time for graduating. It is the most special of all my pieces of jewellery as we picked it out together and while it wasn’t too expensive, it’s also the most expensive piece I own. In contrast, the bottom bracelet is another £1 bargain from The Saturdays collection. All the pieces come with the cutest little leather pouches. This bracelet features the first initial of each of the girls.

Watch Do watches count as jewellery? I’m not the biggest fan of watches as I feel they make my wrist look bulky but this pink one from Swatch isn’t like that. It’s light, hasn’t ever needed to have the battery replaced and the jelly strap means it’s comfortable to wear.

RingsNormally when it comes to jewellery I’m a silver girl (as you will have seen in the previous images) but the gold three piece set of rings is so beautiful and makes a nice change. The set can be worn altogether or sometimes I wear the gold jewelled ring on it’s own. I love wearing the infinity ring as it’s so light and it’s my favourite ring to wear on an index finger as I think that’s where it looks best. The moment I first saw the gold coiled ring I fell in love, it’s so dainty and elegant yet a bit unusual at the same time.

Do let me know if you have a favourite piece of jewellery! I’ve loved sharing my stories with you and I’d love to hear if you have any of your own!

Chanelle x

11 thoughts on “My Jewellery and Me

  1. ambergentleman says:

    Me and my sister have similar rings to the infinity one! They say best friends on the inside, it’s one of my favourites. Lots or really pretty jewellery, especially love your snowflake necklace x

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  2. ifollowislands says:

    Not a huge fan of jewellery (I never wear any) but the snowflake is so cute – my absolute fav! I am the same when it comes to wrists, they’re tiny so any bangles that I buy cheap from Primark just fall off. I have one Pandora bracelet in the tiniest size possible and this one fits but it’s too expensive for every day wear. It sucks having small wrists lol!

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