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HaticeHi everyone! I’m Hatice and I’m a 19-year-old (almost 20) Dutch blogger from The Netherlands who writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle etc. on The Beauty Vampire. I’m studying Biology and Medical Laboratory and I’m in my third year now, which is pretty exciting because I’m going to do my minor this year and I’ve chosen Immunology. I love the fact that our body is trying to prevent us from getting diseases. I always find it hard to tell people this but I feel as a blogger my viewers should know a few important things about me. I was born with lymphangioma, which means there is a tumor in my lymph nodes and tongue. I’ve tried to learn how to speak and stuff, and people are always impressed by the fact that I can do it… so I guess practice makes perfect right? I’ve always been really insecure about myself and never really thought I was beautiful. And to this day I still think that…

1. When did you begin blogging?

I started blogging last year, January 27th to be precise and honestly it has been the best thing I’ve ever done in my entire life!

2. How did you decide on a name for your blog?

Well… I am a huge fan of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and really liked the character (Stefan Salvatore) the actor Paul Wesley played. I just loved the show sooo much that it became something personal I guess, like if you’d actually go up to one of my friends and ask them what I like the most they’ll be like: The Vampire Diaries, hands down! So because I liked beauty and really couldn’t find a cute or fun name I decided to call my blog The Beauty Vampire just because I love beauty and vampires (lol that seriously sounds creepy, but I swear I’m not haha, you just need to watch this hit series!) and I feel like it makes my blog more personal.

3. What inspired you to start your blog?

I always saw YouTubers like: Ingrid Nilsen, Bethany Mota, Lauren Elizabeth, Michelle Phan etc. talk about beauty and really liked how they connected with their audience, because they all connected with them through one thing they love, which is beauty. And I feel like that’s a really beautiful thing! Just like going to a concert, you don’t know the people but you all came to see one thing you all have in common. Also just because I wanted to prove to people that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve beautiful and awesome things! Never in a million years did I think I would be able to study in college or have a lot of friends who love me for me.

4. What is your favourite thing about running a blog?

Well just the fact that I can share my passion with every human being and maybe put a smile on their faces is a valid reason to keep blogging. That is mostly what I like about blogging, also just make new friends and meet other great bloggers with the same interests is my fave thing about blogging!

5. What are your must read blogs?

Most of them are Dutch but I think Fleur de Force and Zoella are my faves!

6. What do you want to achieve with your blog?

Everything any other big beauty blogger dreams of e.g. being featured in a magazine or creating your own clothing/beauty line! The last one is definitely my dream!

7. What advice do you have for new bloggers? Tips, pointers etc.

Just be patient! It’s not like you’re going to get a lot of views/followers when you’re just starting out, you need to build it up. What I would do: Try to post at least 15 posts before you start asking people to check out your blog when you’re starting out. This way your followers will have some reading material and it’s easier for them to choose whether they want to follow you or not because with one post they can’t tell if you’re only going to write reviews or do tutorials or whatever. Also don’t force yourself to post every single day because people will see through your content, it’ll lack something. Last but not least get inspiration by reading other blogs! 🙂

8. What keeps you blogging?

My viewers, my friends and just the fact that I love what I do and share it with you guys is a reason to keep blogging.

Quick fire questions:

9. What was the last song you downloaded or bought?

OMG! Guys did you listen to the new album by The Script? It’s like heaven to my ears!

10. If you could invite any three celebrity guests or famous people to a dinner party, who would they be?

Easy! Paul Wesley (a.k.a my bae) for sure, he plays a really sensitive guy but in interviews he is soo hilarious, he really makes me laugh! Harry Styles because let’s be honest he is pretty hot but he and I could have conversations that make absolutely no sense. It could go on forever because we are both awkward as hell. Also I would invite Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony because we are both fangirls, both have the same celeb crush, both born in March (Pisces) and both have the same personality so it would be easy for me to feel comfortable around her and just laugh like there is no tomorrow!

11. Favourite colour?

Pastel pink, white, black and gold! I can’t choose just one.

12. What’s your guilty pleasure?

I really have no idea, probably working out and eat junk food after lol.

13. Finish this sentence. I wish…

…I could walk in heels.

14. Where else can readers find you online?

15. Lastly, is there anything extra you’d like to mention you haven’t already?

You are all beautiful and one day someone is going think you’re the sexiest human being ever! So smile xx

Thank you Hatice. If anyone else would like to be featured on Chanelle Hayley in the ‘Meet the Blogger’ section, please contact

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