Christmas Gifts 2014

Hey everyone,

I know Christmas is well and truly over but I thought I’d share the gifts I received with you. Originally, I was in two minds about doing this post but decided to go ahead with it in the end. All of the gifts relate to things I post about anyway (beauty, makeup, etc.) so enjoy having a peek at what I got!

Christmas Gifts1. Snowflake Pendant Necklace – The first present I got from my lovely mummy (you can really tell I’m not a fan of warm weather with my choice of pendant)

2. Pilot FriXion Pens in Violet and Black – These are from my brother. He also got me a set of Filofax monthly inserts but they are in my planner, hence them not being in the picture

3. 3 piece Earring Set – One pair of plain silver studs, clear studs and textured silver studs

4. 3 piece Midi Ring Set – 2 plain gold bands and 1 gold band with clear stones around the centre

5. Revlon Fire & Ice Gift Set – Contains: Fire & Ice Eau de Cologne Spray 50ml, Fire & Ice Super Lustrous Lipstick, Nail Enamel – Revlon Red and Fire & Ice Eau de Cologne Roll On 10ml

Skater Scuba Skirt6. Panelled Skater Scuba Skirt – My own photos didn’t turn out very well so I found this image online. This skirt also has the most gorgeous rose gold zip

Opening these beauties on Christmas Day was a real treat. I haven’t worn the skirt, the nail polish or the earrings yet but I’ve tried everything else. I’m totally and completely in love with the Fire & Ice lipstick that it may end up becoming my favourite and overtake Fuschia Surprise by BYS. (Notice how I said may).

What was your favourite Christmas gift that you received?

Chanelle x

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