Week In Review: December 8 – December 14, 2014

I post an update here every Sunday giving an overview of my week. Accompanying photos from my Instagram are also included. Here’s the latest:

You all know how much I love Twitter! On Tuesday I was rather surprised to see Kerry Katona randomly followed me. For those of you who don’t know who Kerry Katona is, she’s one-third of Atomic Kitten who recently announced a tour for 2015. There are possible plans to come to New Zealand and if they do I’m so there! I listened to Atomic Kitten’s albums last week and tweeted about it so Kerry must have seen my tweet. Also, this week, Rachel Stevens (S Club 7) re-tweeted one of my tweets.

With Christmas only 11 days away more preparations took place for the big day. I love how pretty fairy lights look and the tree now looks even more beautiful with a set bought on Wednesday. I still need to decide on a few last minute gifts for my family but coming up with ideas is the difficult part.

On Thursday I felt like the blog layout needed a bit of a revamp and I spent most of my day trying to decide on a theme and colour scheme. I ended up keeping it similar to the old look and made some minor tweaks. If you haven’t seen it yet be sure to take a peek and let me know your thoughts!

I stayed over at a friend’s last night and she made me dinner and we spent the night laughing and singing away to Christmas carols, we had a blast!


Yummy hot chocolate!

Today has been a horrible day weather wise, perfect for snuggling up inside and watching movies. I haven’t done any of that though. I’ve been awake since 6am but my friend cooked me a lovely breakfast of bacon and eggs on toast. (I offered to help but she insisted I stay put haha). When I got home I did my exercises and my brother treated me to a drink from Starbucks; I opted for a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. As I sit here typing this now I’m wearing pyjamas and a fluffy jumper!

Hope you’ve had an amazing week and you’re starting to feel Christmas-y! Leave a comment below with your favourite Christmas song 🙂

Chanelle x

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