30 Days To Love: November

November1. Sweat the Small Stuff
Sweat the Small Stuff is a British comedy panel show broadcast on BBC Three, presented by Nick Grimshaw, featuring team captains Melvin O’Doom and Rochelle Humes. I have watched Sweat the Small Stuff since series one and have noticed the people I find funniest tend to be the ones I haven’t heard of before so I enjoy watching new panelists and seeing what they’re about. Rochelle and Melvin: The Challenges is definitely my favourite part of the show each week, some of the things they have to do are hilarious!

2. Only Human
Earlier this month Cheryl released her fourth studio album Only Human. I am a huge fan of Cheryl (and Girls Aloud) and this album is easily up there with her debut, 3 Words, as my favourite. The album concept of being at peace with oneself and living life to the full is where I’m trying to focus some of my own energy. The album has been beautifully written combining upbeat, feel-good tracks with slower, personal numbers. Only Human opens with an introduction of a speech by philosopher Alan Watts. The first time I heard it I cried, it was as if the words were coming from my head. Listen to the intro here.

Highlights: It’s About Time, I Don’t Care, Only Human, Stars.

3. Thin Lizzy Precision Liquid Eyeliner
I’ve been a bit experimental with my makeup lately, trying new looks and products. I’ve never been able to apply pencil eyeliner but I have a liquid eyeliner my mum got as a free gift when she bought some makeup. I’ve only used it a handful of times but I’m pleased with the results. The nib is like a felt tip which makes it easy to apply and fill in gaps. The eyeliner lasts all day and best of all if I make a mistake when applying the product it washes off easily so I don’t have to rub my eyes a lot. The only trouble is I find it easier to do my right eye than my left. Let me know if this happens to you or if you have any tips.

Have you made any exciting discoveries this month, or perhaps, rediscovered something you’d forgotten about?

Chanelle x

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