What Does Your Instagram Filter Say About You?

With more than 75 million users daily, Instagram has become one of the most popular apps over the past few years allowing professional and amateur photographers to share their snapshots. Many celebrities use Instagram as a way of connecting with their fans and sharing snippets of their lives.

Personally the app is one of my favourites and I use it everyday. On days I don’t upload a photo I use it to scroll through photos and videos from people I follow.

When deciding on a filter for a photo I generally go through all of them to see which I think looks best but if I had to pick a favourite I’d choose Amaro. Amaro gives photos a light, airy glow and lightens dark photos.

Buzzfeed infographicIn March 2013, Buzzfeed featured an infographic detailing the habits of Instagram users and the top 10 most used filters. Click here to view the infographic in full and read what these filters say about you.

I have also been looking online and researching more into each filter. I have compiled a list of useful links for Instagram newbies or regular users who want to see their photos in a new light.

  1. What Your Favourite Instagram Filter Says About You – Hannah from Technology Tell breaks down each filter and suggests photo ideas for each one.
  2. Every Instagram Filter, Definitively RankedHuffington Post rank each filter from best to worst.
  3. How To Choose the Best Instagram Filter For Your Photo – Stephanie from Mashable.com breaks each filter down into three categories: techniques, effect and when to use it.

Reading these articles taught me a few things and I’m definitely going to think how I can incorporate more of these suggestions into my photos.

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Chanelle x

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