All About That Base

Hi beauty babes!

Primer is essentially a base (hence the word play on Meghan Trainor’s hit ‘All About That Bass’ in the title), applied to improve coverage and lengthen the amount of time cosmetics stay on the face. There are different kinds of primer: foundation primer, eyelid primer and lip primer but today’s post will be focusing on foundation primer.

Foundation primers can work like a moisturiser. They aid in applying foundation more evenly and smoothly and increasing the longevity of the foundation. There are both water-based and silicone-based foundation primers. Some have a sun protection factor (SPF) and others are tinted to even out/improve skin tone or colour.

Some people say you should use both a moisturiser and primer as they do different things and others say if your skin is oily just use a primer. I’m pretty much a makeup novice and haven’t worn primer before but during Mollie King’s Q&A on Grazia’s Twitter account I asked for her top beauty tip and she replied, “use a primer before applying foundation.” Ever since I’ve been researching and looking into possible options. The product I’m leaning towards trying is Rimmel London’s Fix & Perfect Foundation Primer. I’m hoping to pick up some on Tuesday when I’m next in town. It’s on sale as well so if it doesn’t end up working for me I won’t have spent too much on it.

British make up artist Lisa Eldridge has a series of tutorials and informational videos on her website about all kinds of make up. I watched the one about primer this morning and thought it was very interesting. Lisa talks about primers and moisturisers and explains the difference as well as mentioning some of her favourite products.*

*The video is a few years old so products may have changed or may no longer be available.

Let me know if you use primer and if so, what product you use!

Chanelle x

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