Dannii Minogue Birthday Project 2014

DanniiHappy birthday to the uh-mayzing Dannii Minogue, who turns 43 today!

I thought when better to share and talk about the project I worked on for Dannii’s birthday than on the day itself!

I can’t quite remember how I came up with the idea to send Dannii a birthday present but I didn’t do it for recognition or to get something out of it. I wanted to do it as a way of saying thank you and giving back to her. Part of me also wanted to do it because I hadn’t done anything like this before and Australia is just across the ditch so I wasn’t worried about the parcel getting lost or damaged.

I started working on the gift, coming up with ideas of what I could get Dannii and buying presents in March. When the time came to send it off six months later in September part of me was sad to see it go. I enjoyed everything about this project and knowing Dannii appreciates it is all I could have asked for.

Onto the contents of the parcel:

Parcel for Dannii

All packaged up and ready to go!

Gift boxThis is the box Dannii’s gifts were posted in. When I bought it I was worried everything wouldn’t fit but it ended up being the perfect size.

Birthday card

I love the “Keep calm and…” sayings and instantly knew this card was a must have for Dannii!

Dannii’s card read:

“Happy birthday Dannii!

There aren’t enough words to explain what you mean to me but I hope your special day is as lovely as you are.

Enjoy these gifts as much as I enjoyed buying and making them.

Lots of love, Chanelle x”

Mason jarThe original idea I had was to put happy and positive messages into this mason jar, which developed as time went on. I ended up handwriting the messages that said things like “Don’t forget to smile.” and “Today is a new adventure.” Also in the jar is a handwritten recipe for chocolate brownies – I know Dannii likes to cook and bake – and some Cadbury Pinky chocolate bars. I wanted to include something for Dannii’s son, Ethan, as well so I wrote a little message in the card saying I hope he was allowed some chocolate.

Typo sticky notesSticky notes are useful for convenient notes and reminders. What makes these ones in particular adorable (apart from the colours and designs) is when taken out of the plastic wrapping they fold over and close like a little book.

Book mark and clipsMy brother bought my mum an owl bookmark/paper clip from Funky Land for Mother’s Day so in all fairness I should give credit for this idea to him. I decided on these two for Dannii because they remind me of emojis and I know how much she loves a good emoji on Twitter! 💋 👫

JournalWhen thinking about what to buy Dannii I wanted at least one of my presents to have a purpose. Journals can be used for a number of things but being a singer I thought she might be able to use it for writing song lyrics. The glamourous cover image also reminded me of Dannii.

DSCN2524This micro wooden d from Typo was plain white when I bought it. I used two different washi tapes to create the design in the image above. This is actually one of the first pieces I bought as well as being one of my favourites!

Parcel within a parcel

Parcel within a parcel! This parcel contains the sticky notes and the bookmark/paper clips.

I didn’t wrap everything that went in the gift box. The little ‘d’ had a bubble wrap bag, and the jar was wrapped in bubble wrap as well. The journal, birthday card, and letter I hand-wrote were simply placed in the box.

The parcel didn’t take long to get to Dannii at all and she was kind enough to Tweet me when she received it, letting me know everything had arrived safely.

Let me know if you’ve ever sent fanmail to one of your favourite celebrities!

Chanelle x

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