Happy birthday Shane Filan!

Shane Filan

For those of you who don’t know who Shane Filan is, he was a member of Irish boyband Westlife. Naturally, he is pursuing a solo career and his debut album ‘You and Me’ has already enjoyed Top 10 success in The UK and Ireland.

Today, July 5th, Shane will celebrate his 35th birthday.

I wanted to make this post because he is one of my favourite people and genuinely lovely. I fell in love with his voice when I was a little girl. His tone is so clear and crisp and possesses a real honesty. What I mean by honesty is he makes you believe every word he’s singing. In my opinion Shane is one of the most talented singers around, he always sings live and sounds perfect. I challenge you to find a bad performance!

Not only is Shane a talented singer he can song-write too. He co-wrote every song on ‘You and Me’ as he wanted to develop his own sound as an artist and sing songs that mean something to him. The album is dedicated to his wife as most of the songs are about her. *Swoon*

Shane is also extremely kind when it comes to his fans. It’s nice to see someone give back so much.

I’m incredibly lucky to be followed by Shane on Twitter and have been tweeted by him twice. One was for my 17th birthday back in 2012 which was really special!

I can’t put into words the amount of love I have for this man and how much he inspires me. I hope his day is as wonderful as he is!

If you’re interested in checking out Shane online:
Official website

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