Going Postal

Today I finally received the copy of Halcyon Days I won on the radio over a month ago.

ZM ran a competition with the ultimate prize being the chance to travel around New Zealand with Ellie for this leg of the tour. Each day two people would phone in and play a game of Fan Wars consisting of three trivia questions about Ellie. The person who answered the most questions correctly was entered into the main draw. Unfortunately, I didn’t win my round of fan wars but I still got a free CD as no one went away empty handed.

I still hadn’t received my CD by mid June so decided to follow up with PJ, the radio host running the competition, via Twitter. Straight away she was lovely and asked me to DM my details so she could get another copy sent out. She tweeted me Wednesday morning saying the CD had been sent. I was so excited to see it had arrived today.

Ellie Goulding Halcyon Days CD

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