Facebook – It’s Complicated

As a regular user of social media I admit to having a Facebook account. I first joined Facebook in 2008, deleted my account and created a new profile in 2012.

The reason for deletion I hear you ask? I had a small number of friends first time round (not that it bothered me) but I wasn’t really using my account except for playing games. After feeling out of the loop and friends encouraging me to rejoin I did.

The concept behind Facebook is genius; a free place to connect with all your friends and family (well almost all) throughout the world but I agree that sometimes social media makes us less social. You start worrying about the number of friends you’ve got or how many people ‘like’ your status.

Not so long ago I too was one of those worriers, but now a couple of times a day I check to see if I have any notifications and don’t fret if I don’t.

Facebook has taught me:

  1. There will always be people posting what they had for breakfast, lunch or dinner, maybe all three!
  2. Random people will add you as a friend. Don’t be afraid to decline them.
  3. Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama. It’s best to stay out of it and say nothing at all.
  4. Most importantly, have fun! Enjoy interacting with those who are closest to you.

What I’m trying to get across is Facebook is a tool we use to represent ourselves. You shouldn’t feel you have to use it or post about certain things to fit in with others. Post about things you’re passionate over and share snippets of your life you’re proud of and want to share.

Chanelle x

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